5 Things You Must Know About Your Hot Tub Filters


There are several important tips that you should know about when it comes to taking care of your hot tub and keeping your filters clean!

Tip 1: Don’t Rinse Filters in the Dishwasher

It’s very important to remember to not wash your hot tub filters in the dishwasher. Although this may seem like the perfect way to get them clean, it can actually be very harmful to the filters (and to you!) There is always residue that is left from the detergent inside your dishwasher. When this detergent comes in contact with your hot tub filter, it will stick inside the deepest parts of the pleats which will cause a very unpleasant foam mess when you put the filters back in the hot tub. Even running it thru a second “rinse only” cycle will not solve this problem. Who wants to eat off of their plates and silverware after they have been run thru the same dishwasher that you just cleaned your hot tub filters in anyways? The dishwasher has the same affect on your hot tub filter as washing your swimsuit in the washing machine…they will both equal disaster. It is recommended to only use a standard garden hose when cleaning your hot tub filters, to protect the pleats & your hot tub water.

Tip 2: Two sets are better than one

It’s always recommended to have a second set of filters on hand, so that when it’s time to clean your hot tub filters, you won’t have to worry about leaving the tub shut off for 12-24 hrs (especially in the winter!) A second set of filters will allow you to soak, clean & rinse the filters that were previously used for the appropriate length of time and still be able to use your hot tub at the same time! This also prevents you from having to purchase a new set of filters as often, because they are each only being used for half the amount of time if constantly rotated!

Tip 3: Don’t use a pressure washer to clean filters:

It’s important to never use a high pressure washer to remove dirt & grime from your hot tub filters because it will ruin them. Your hot tub filters are made of a special type of filtering material and with high pressure you will break apart the pleats of the filter, causing the debris to pass right thru and back into your hot tub water. This will provide inadequate filtration that your hot tub desperately needs to maintain clarity. Only use a garden hose to rinse of your filters.

Tip 4: Clean on a regular basis:

It’s crucial to remove your hot tub filters once per month and simply hose them off with the garden hose. To do this correctly, it’s important to go up and down each pleat of the filter, one at a time, in order to remove all of the debris & calcium from the hot tub filters. Since the pleats are usually white on most filters (unless you have upgraded to the microband version) you may not notice right away that there is a lot of calcium and other hidden particles buried into the pleats of the filter. It’s important to look over the filter carefully and make sure that all of the material has been removed, leaving your filter clean & fresh to continue doing its job. You will also need to soak your filters in a special filter cleaning solution (such as Filter Fresh) several times throughout the year period of time that your set of filters will last (unless rotating them with a second set). Mixing some of this solution with hot water in a 5 gal bucket and then submersing your hot tub filters in the solution for 12-24 hrs will allow all of the hard build up to come lose and allowing you to rinse it off.

Tip 5: Rinse, Rinse Rinse

If you miss this step, you will wonder what just happened to your newly filled hot tub, full of fresh water! Without rinsing properly and long enough, you will end up putting the filters back in the hot tub with some of the solution still remaining on the filter, which will indeed cause a lovely bubble bath! Starting from one point on the filter and continuing in a counter clockwise motion, going all the way around the filter at least 3 times is recommended for best results.


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