5 Tips For Maintaining an Omaha In Ground or Above Ground Pool

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Omaha Pool Swimming PoolThe last thing you want as an Omaha in ground or above ground pool owner is green water, but even the most devout of caretakers have an occasional bout with algae. Your first course of action is to shock your pool by super-chlorinating the water. Quick acting chlorine shock should be added at the rate of 1 lb per ten thousand gallons of water to kill the algae. This should raise the chlorine level in your pool to over 10 ppm. If you don’t know how many gallons your pool holds, the general rule of thumb is to multiply its length, width and depth, then multiply that result by 7.5 for rectangular pools and by 5.9 for odd shaped pools. Below, our team at Aqua Palace Spas and Pools has provided the five tips for maintaining a sparkling in ground or above ground pool.

Tip 1 – Keep Your In Ground or Above Ground Pool Clean of Debris

The key here is to NOT let clumps of debris lie in your pool for extended periods of time. The end goal is to keep your pool totally free of leaves, insects and debris – so setting up a cleaning schedule (vacuuming and brushing) is highly recommended. Pay closer attention to days following storms. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, these will help ease your maintenance efforts. Pool covers also help to keep debris to a minimum. Obviously, the clearer your water, the less chemicals will be needed to maintain it.

Tip 2 – Keep Your Pool’s Equipment Clean

As an inground and above ground pool specialist we recommend to keep your pool’s water from going stagnant, perform routine maintenance on your pump and filter and clean the skimmer as often as needed, but at least weekly and more after high winds. Proper water flow is crucial to prevent damage, so unclog those filter baskets and filter elements. Over time and with experience, you’ll be able to revise your cleaning schedule to optimize the cleanliness of your pool.

Tip 3 – Test the Chemical Balance of Your Pool’s Water Frequently

Test kits are available to test your pool’s water for chlorine levels, pH and total alkalinity. Contaminants like leaves, body oils, rain and other debris deplete chlorine’s ability to fight off bacteria. pH refers to the degree of alkalinity or acidity of the water, which is important to maximize your chlorine’s effectiveness. The reason pH should be kept between 7.4 and 7.6 is to best match that of the human eye (helps prevent eye irritations) as well as prevent damage to equipment like the pump and heater. Total alkalinity (TA) ties into the stability of the pH level of your pool in that if the TA is too high, the faster your pH will rise. If you need help with testing your pool feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help you!

Tip 4 – Have a Professional Test Your Pool Water Monthly

At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools we will test a sample of water from your pool in our commercial grade photometer which allows you to compare results.

Tip 5 – Once a Week, Be Sure to Shock Your Pool

Simply as a preventative measure, your pool should be routinely shocked. Be sure to add shock to pool water after the sun goes down so you get a high chlorine spike to burn out bacteria. Shock is not stabilized chlorine, so the sun will burn off the excess level within a few hours.

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