ABC’s of Swimming Pool Care

A – Alkalinity – Not as important as your pH level, however this will show you how easily it will be to change your pH level if it is out of range. By adjusting the pH level, you will usually cause the alkalinity to move in the same direction.

B – Bromine – Type of sanitizer that can be used in pools to kill bacteria. It is less forgiving than chlorine and can be harder to regulate.

C – Chlorine – Most popular and primary type of sanitizer that can be used in pools to kill bacteria.

D – Decide when to open – Weather depending, mid-May is usually the perfect time to open your pool in the Midwest. If you have a heater, we recommend opening earlier!

E-Energy efficiency – If your equipment is over 5 years old, there are more energy efficient models out on the market, which could save you more than you spend within a year or two!

F – Filtration – Sand, cartridge and DE filters are all options for keeping the pool filtered and clean. Always keep your filter system on 24/7.

G- Green Algae – Most popular type of algae formation. Must be killed with an oxidizer and algaecide.

H – Heater – To maximize the length of time you can spend in the pool during the summer, a heater will allow you to open your pool a month or two earlier and allow you to keep it open a month or two longer! Turn every season into a 6-7 month swimming pool weather!

I – Iron – Hard water issues usually stem from Iron or Rust in the water. We usually recommend to protect your pool water against these by adding a sequestering agent prior to adding any chemicals in the spring. This step may need to be repeated over the summer, with additional water being added to the pool or from rains.

J – Just in case – It’s important to always have the following products on hand, just in case you were to need them: Sanitizer, Oxidizer, Testing Supplies, pH Adjusters (Up & Down), Clarifiers, Sequestering Agents, and Non Chlorine Shock.

K – Kit (testing) – It is important to test your swimming pool water once per day to insure all the levels are properly balanced.

L – Lack of attention – If you are not paying enough attention to the pool, don’t have sufficient filtration or are using less desirable brands of chemicals, this can cause an issue with your water quality. The pool may turn green and could take several days to a week or more to gain its clarity back.

M – Main Drain – Aboveground pools don’t have any drain requirements, however inground pools typically do, unless they are constructed to be a drainless design (which is a GREAT idea and something we do on almost ALL of our inground pool builds!)

N – Neutralizer – If you have too much chlorine in the water, it may be recommended to neutralize some of the chlorine in the water, so you are able to use the pool sooner and don’t take a chance of damaging the pool liner or wall.

O – Oxidizer – Shocking agent that should be used at least once per week to rid the pool of dead bacteria that your sanitizer has killed. It is important to always shock the pool AT NIGHT, after the sun has gone down unless you are using a non-chlorine shock (which can be added during the day).

P – Pump – The effectiveness of your pump will provide the affect of how clear your swimming pool water is. If your pump is weak or undersized, it will be hard to maintain proper clarity. A proper filter is a MUST if you want a carefree and cost effective swimming pool.

Q – Quietness – Do you hear a noise coming from your pump? Do you see the pump or heater leaking? It is recommended to get it checked out as soon as possible! This could save you costly repairs or replacements of major equipment if caught in time!

R – Relax – Pools aren’t supposed to be a ton of work, so sit back and relax! If you are frustrated or are spending way too much time cleaning and maintaining your pool, talk to us! We can help find solutions to your problems!

S – Stains – Usually due to leaf debris, algae, or metals in the water, but can usually be easily treated once we know which one is causing the problem!

T – Time consuming – If your pool is consuming all of your time to where you can’t even enjoy it, we need to talk! We have ways of making your life so much easier, just let us show you!

U – Utilizing Equipment – Make sure you know how to properly, clean and turn on/off your equipment such as your pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, etc. If you are unsure, please refer to your owner’s manual or ask us!

V- Vacuuming – Keep the pool clean is a must, not only for the esthetic looks, but also for the overall health and clarity of your water. If there is debris that is left in the pool for too long, it will begin to decompose and can cause bacteria or algae issues or can even stain the pool lining or surface!

W – What can make owning a pool easier – We’ve got lots of options! From salt systems to heat pumps, auto chlorinators to auto vacs, mineral water systems to UV systems. Tell us what you would like help with and we will show you the options!

X-Xtream Water Temps – It is important to pay extra attention to your swimming pool water once the temperatures begin to increase over 90 on a regular basis. Excessive heat can cause bacteria to form much quicker and can cause your sanitizer and pH levels to go out of range quickly.

Y-Yellow Algae – Another form of algae which appears like a mustard color. A specific algaecide is required to kill this type of algae.

Z- Zeobrite – An alternative to sand for your swimming pool filter, which will allow your filter system to collect finer particles that are in the water and help trap them in your filter. This will prevent them from recirculating back into your swimming pool, which can cause cloudy water.


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