Advantages of a fully CPO Certified Staff!

Did you know that ALL of the staff at Aqua Palace IS CPO Certified!? We are!

We are super proud of this accomplishment from all of our employees! This is a prestige honor in the Pool & Spa Industry to be CPO (Certified Pool & Spa Operator) certified and is a rigorous course that must be completed fully every 5 years as well as continuing education yearly to maintain your CPO certification.

So why is this so important and how can it benefit YOU!?

We take water care SERIOUSLY! You can know without a doubt that any water quality problem or question you may have, we can confidently and properly assist! Would you go to a dealership that didn’t have qualified mechanic’s to work on your car? Would you go to a Dr that did not have official accreditations to assist in medical needs or diagnosis? Then why would you ever go to a Pool or Spa dealer/retailer that does not have a FULLY CPO Certified Staff!? YOUTUBE is great for certain DIY things, but it shouldn’t be the way you learn how to care for your swimming pool or hot tub! You need to speak with a someone you know and trust and who is fully qualified in the industry.

All of our Aqua Palace employees have been in this industry for over 10 years EACH! We have dedicated our daily lives to learning, assisting and helping customers care properly for their swimming pool & hot tub water! To say this business is our life would be a huge understatement! Taking care of water sounds pretty easy initially, but most clients do not fully understand all that goes into properly caring for their pool or spa, until they have spoken with a CPO. We are here to assist every step of the way, to insure your water is ALWAYS properly sanitized and cared for. Without proper sanitization, bacteria can form and be passed between patrons in the same body of water. Foliculitus (also known as Hot Tub Rash) is one of the leading skin conditions that occurs in hot tubs and can be completely prevented with proper education, products and routine maintenance.

Do you know that all commercial facilities (apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, luxury pools, health clubs, ect) are required by the State to have at least 1 person on staff that is fully CPO certified?

This is because the state recognizes the importance of having someone fully trained in this industry to care for those bodies of water that will be used by other patrons for recreation or water athletics, alike. If you are able to fully operate a commercial pool, you are for sure able to properly guide & assist everyday clients (like yourself!) on how to properly care for their own personal swimming pool or spa! We don’t take our education lightly & strive to provide you the absolute BEST knowledge in the industry and in the Omaha Metro area! We look forward to seeing you soon!

CPO Certification Benefits:

  • Accredited certification by Pool & Hot Tub Alliance
  • Yearly continuing education required to keep abreast of upcoming research/products in the industry
  • Widely accepted by local and state authorities
  • Required by the State to operate/maintain commercial facilities such as apartment complex, hotel, resort and luxury pools
  • Recognized nationally and internationally

Looking to become CPO Certified? Find out more HERE!


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