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Omaha Pool At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools we believe taking care of a swimming pool doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. For years, we have assisted our Council Bluffs and Omaha pool customers in making swimming pool maintenance simple and painless. We achieve this by striving to be the leading pool chemical specialists in the Omaha metro area! With years of experience and dedication, we pride ourselves on carrying superior pool products to make taking care of your swimming pool a breeze! One of the ways that we can help you save time and money is with our Seasonal Pool Chemical Kits!

What Comes Included in Our Seasonal Pool Chemical Kits!

There are two chemical kits, which are broken out depending on the size of your swimming pool. A Small Chemical Kit will treat up to 6000 gals and the Large Kit will treat up to 12,000 gals! These kits include everything that you will need to maintain a crystal clear swimming pool all summer long! These kits have been put together exclusively by Aqua Palace Spas and Pools with our many years of experience in water chemistry in ground and above ground pools. We want to make your summer as classic and as fun as possible.

Both kits include the following:
Liquid Test Kit – for optimum accuracy
● – GLB
Shock Bags – GLB Super Sonic Shock
Clarifier – Clear Blue
Metal Control – Sequa Sol
Non Chlorine Shock – Oxy Brite

These items are the very essential things that will make sure that you spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying your swimming pool! You will also save hundreds of dollars when purchasing our Season Chemical Kit; it can’t be beat!!

Additional Supplies Needed

The only additional chemical that you may need is a pH increase or decrease depending on your water. We don’t include those in the kit because we do not know which (if any) you will need to use, or if you will go thru one more than the other. These items are very inexpensive to purchase and with our Fun Pass Loyalty Program, you will receive 3% off of those products as well!

How To Use Your Chemical Kits!

All of our chemical kits come with an instruction sheet so you always know exactly what you need to do and when to do it. Testing your pool water several times a week is best to maintain all of the proper levels. During the peak of the hot weather, it’s crucial to keep on top of things to insure a clear and algae free swimming pool. You will always need to have at least 1 chlorine tab in the pool at all times to kill the bacteria before it builds up and becomes an issue. Shocking your above ground or inground pool weekly is very important to insure that all of the dead bacteria that the chlorine has killed and left behind, is burned off so that the chlorine is more effective. A few ounces of our Clear Blue water clarifier is added once a week as well, after you have back washed  to help aid the filter in removing small particles that otherwise are passing right back into the pool. The metal & stain remover called Sequa Sol is added at the beginning of each season (and with some water conditions, every time you add makeup water throughout the season) to insure that all the calcium, iron, and other hard metals that are in your water source are taken care of. If this product is not added initially, there is a good chance that your pool may turn brown from the rust or iron in your water.

Where Do You Buy the Seasonal Pool Chemical Kits?

As you can see, these kits have everything you need and will save you tons of money! Simply stop in at 810 Woodbury Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51053 to pick up one of our custom Seasonal Chemical Kits today and you will have everything that you need for the rest of the season! It’s that simple: no more trips every few days back and forth to Aqua Palace Spas and Pools when you run out of something! These kits have been tested on a normal swimming season (apprx 8 weeks). If the swimming season happens to be a little longer then that (we would GLADLY take it!!) just stop back in and stock up on a few additional items that you may need to finish out the season! Keep in mind on any of your return trips for any additional chemicals, you will receive a 3% discount if you are part of our Fun Pass Loyalty Program! If you aren’t signed up, ask us how today and start saving!


Along with the HUGE savings that you receive purchasing a Small or Large Pool Kit that will last the whole pool season, we have additional ways for you to save even MORE next year! Bring in the white bucket that houses all of your shocks, clarifiers, metal controls, and test kit next year and receive an ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT while helping us GO GREEN! What a better deal can you find? We want to insure that we are cutting down on the amount of plastic and cardboard that are being thrown away each and every day and we would like YOU to be a part of it! That is why we are rewarding you with a discount if you bring your bucket in next year to be refilled!

Want more information? Contact us. Aqua Palace is family owned and operated, offering above ground and inground swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and saunas specializing in pool design, installation and repair to local (Omaha and Council Bluffs) and long distance residents (within the US). We are the only Marquis dealer in the Omaha Metro Area with the largest showroom east of the continental divide. Not located in Omaha? No worries, check out our online store for pool and spa chemicals, supplies and accessories.



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