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Omaha PoolAs the name implies, covers for swimming pools are primarily designed to provide safety for you and your family (and neighborhood kids). They’re also the preferred way to close your Omaha pool after the swimming season is over. There are generally two different types of materials used for swimming pool safety covers, mesh or solid vinyl fabric. In terms of popularity, solid vinyl covers run second to those made of mesh.

Selecting mesh versus solid vinyl

If you’re in an area that receives significant snowfall in the winter months, then it’s recommended that you go with a mesh safety cover as solid vinyl fabric isn’t designed to protect your Omaha pool under those conditions – even though mesh and solid vinyl are equally strong. As far as differences in the installation of either, they’re both essentially the same.

The installation of the safety cover

Safety covers for swimming pools are normally secured with recessed deck anchors which are permanently installed into the pool’s deck. This allows the cover to be stretched tightly over the water with the assistance of adjustable straps. You’ll also normally find they’re attached with stainless steel buckles and springs which are secured to the deck anchors. Not only does this provide superior protection of the water, it also enables the cover to support hundreds of pounds.

What are the differences between the two types of safety pool covers?

The distinct differences between the two options discussed is essentially how well they block sunlight and small particles. Mesh covers block most of the sunlight whereas solid vinyl blocks all of the sunlight. Why does this make a difference? In the spring, sunlight tends to lend itself to problems with algae growth. While this isn’t an insurmountable issue, it is worth taking into consideration when selecting between the two types of covers. With solid vinyl, no algae can develop, but water, ice and snow are captured and when melted either drains through a mesh panel located at the center of the cover, or pumped away for those versions lacking a mesh panel.

Major Benefit of Solid Covers!

Solid covers help keep significantly larger quantities of small particles out of your Omaha pool in winter months than mesh varieties. Obviously, the oncoming of a winter season means researching, then selecting the correct swimming pool cover after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each option. There are differences in materials and designs between the two discussed. It never hurts to perform some research beforehand to ensure that you ultimately select the cover that best suits your location and preferences.

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