Averting Swimming Pool Maintenance Issues

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Aqua Palace - Swimming Pool MaintenanceJust as with your vehicles or your home, swimming pools require routine maintenance to keep its water sparkling clean and safe to enjoy. Properly maintaining your pool will extend its life expectancy and minimize many of the more common issues associated with swimming pools.

As a swimming pool owner, here are some common issues that may occur:

  • Imbalanced Chemistry – can cause small problems to spiral out of control. pH balance, total alkalinity and free chlorine levels are the three primary indicators to correct chemical balance.
  • Hazardous Components – drains that have been broken, or damaged suction systems, heaters and filter systems should be fixed before they create larger problems.
  • Imbalanced Water Alkalinity – will create issues if it’s not maintained between 80-120 PPM. A common side effect of imbalanced water alkalinity is the overuse of sanitizer in your swimming pool to compensate the imbalanced water.
  • Improper Filter Maintenance – will occur if you do not frequently (when needed) backwash your sand filter or rinse your cartridge or D.E. filters. By not cleaning the filter on a regular basis, you will be reducing the effectiveness of the filter. On any of these filter systems, you will know it’s time to clean or backwash the filter when the PSI has received 5-8 lbs higher than your normal levels usually run.
  • Insufficient quantities of chlorine – can be produce problems of bacteria and algae to form in the pool. If you have a salt system, you will need to properly check and maintain the salt and cyanuric levels in the pool and also insure to periodically clean the cell, for optimum sanitation. An automatic chlorinator can be added to any aboveground or inground pool to make it a breeze in maintaining the proper level of chlorine in the pool at all times, even when you are away on vacation!
  • Chlorine Strength Will be Less Than Optimum – if your swimming pool water’s pH alkalinity level is kept too high, above 7.8 or above and can also cause issues if 7.2 and below. To maximize the strength of your chlorine, ensure the your water’s pH stays near 7.5. Low or High pH will cause long term damage to your filter system, pumps, seals, heaters and pool surface (including vinyl, concrete & fiberglass) if left untreated.
  • Lack of Adequate Circulation – will lead to serious chemical imbalances in your pool’s water. It is very important to run your filter system constantly from the time you open the pool in the spring till the time you close it down in the fall. Even just a few short hours of the filtration system not running will allow algae to form and will cause a major imbalance in chemicals.  Circulation and an adequate and well designed filtration system is key to any clean pool.
  • Reduced Water Circulation – can be caused by excessive debris in the skimmer basket. The simple solution here is to frequently check and clean the skimmer basket. When vacuuming the pool, the debris will go on into the filter pump pot and can cause the same lack of pressure. Keep both baskets cleaned on a regular basis to increase your optimal water circulation.
  • Effectiveness of  Shocking your Pool – is reduced if you add them during daylight hours. It’s very important to always add the shock during the evening. Pool shock is not sunlight stabilized and will therefore burn off too fast before it has had adequate time to kill the bacteria.

Addressing these common pool issues before they escalate to larger problems will help prolong the lifespan of your pool and prevent costly repairs to your equipment. In the event your swimming pool requires more serious maintenance, you should contact Aqua Palace for any needed maintenance or repairs!

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