Baqua Spa – An Alternative Sanitizer to Bromine or Chlorine

Omaha Spa_BacquaSanitizerIf you are looking for an alternative sanitizer instead of using bromine or chlorine, there are several options out there. One of which is Baqua Spa. This is a biguanide sanitizing system, which will prevent the harsh chlorine or bromine smells previously experienced by those systems.

Deciding if Baqua Spa is the best fit for your spa can be quite easy. Our team at Aqua Palace Spas and Pools has put together a couple common questions to ask yourself.

Have you received a rash while using chlorine or bromine?

This could be from improper levels of sanitizer, either too low or too high and may be solved by paying closer attention to your levels. Some people are allergic to chlorine or bromine and even in the proper levels will cause a rash, which would be a good reason to switch to a Baqua Spa system instead.

Are You Sensitive to Smells?

If the smell of the chlorine or bromine is bothersome, it would be best to switch to Baqua Spa. There isn’t much of a chemical odor that comes from these products. (Keep in mind that chlorine and bromine does not have a strong odor if kept in the correct range).

What is Baqua Spa?

Baqua Spa is another sanitizer system for a spa that you can use instead of chlorine or bromine. This system is mostly comprised of liquid products, with the only powder products being the PH adjusters. The chemical make up behind this product is called a Biguanide  It will get you the same results as chlorine or bromine, just using a different type of chemical that is kept at a higher dosage. This system is good for people who are severely allergic to Chlorine or Bromine and have tried using a Mineral Sanitizer System such as a Nature 2 or Nano Stick in their spa as well. Chlorine levels are usually kept between 2-3 ppm, whereas Baqua Spa Is kept around 50 ppm. Most of the smell that you get from a Chlorine or Bromine system are gone with Baqua Spa but there are a few set backs as well.

How Does Baqua Spa Work Compared to Chlorine or Bromine Systems?

On Baqua Spa, your filter is doing 99% of the work to take out the dead bacteria that has been killed by the sanitizer. This differs from Chlorine in the sense that we shock to gas off the dead bacteria on Chlorine, where we are unable to do that on Baqua Spa. Therefore your filter captures all those extra particles and must be washed and soaked more often in a solution to keep your water chemistry in balance. The Baqua Spa is usually about twice the cost of a traditional Chlorine or Bromine system as well. Any hot tub accessories in Omaha that you are looking for, we can help you out! We have many chemical systems to choose from so we can find the perfect one for you!

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