Benefits of a Steam Sauna

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Looking for a way to warm up and get some major health benefits? Find out how with a steam sauna!

The multitude of health benefits

One of the greatest benefits of steam sauna use is the known fact that when you introduce your body to the high heat of a steam sauna, it creates an artificial fever state for your body. When your body is in a self-induced fever, it stimulates the natural healing process. Your immune system will produce more disease fighting white blood cells along with antibodies. When your body produces those, it fights off viruses and other bad things your body contains. As your body heats up, it will speed up the chemical processes in the body, which make it very simple and comfortable to rid the body of accumulated toxins and other things your body doesn’t need. Besides the obvious warmth factor, the health benefits to a steam sauna are amazing!

The pores on your skin open up during this process and the millions of sweat glands start working hard to sweat those nasty toxins out of your body. Did you know that sweat contains just about the same elements of urine? For this, the skin, is often called your third kidney. As much as 30% of your bodily waste is eliminated thru the sweat glands on your skin when you perspire. Think of how much body waste you’re holding onto when you don’t sweat. Use a steam sauna often and benefit your health!

How a Steam Sauna is used

 The tradition of sauna use stems from the centuries old rituals of cleansing the body from toxins by heating up the body to induce perspiration. Routines can range across cultures and countries. In Finland, it is customary to sit in a pre-heated steam sauna room for around 10-20 minutes at a time, which will warm your core body temperature quite a bit. Customarily they would then jump off into a lake or swimming pool. If either of those options are unavailable, they would take a cold shower. It is also customary in Finnish culture to take a short break and go back to the hot sauna and begin the cycle again. This of course, depends on personal preference. Although you might not want to go to all of those extremes, it is important to limit your time in the sauna and take a break in between. This will allow your core temperature to decrease so that you do not become too hot and dehydrated. It is always recommended to bring water in with you during your sauna session to keep yourself hydrated. You will also have a bucket and ladle inside the sauna with each session and you can regulate the steam with how much water is poured over the rocks.

Aqua Palace has a large selection of Saunas available

We have both infrared and traditional steam saunas instock and on display in our showroom! If you are interested in purchasing a sauna for you and your family, we have plenty of options for you to choose from and will help you pick the best one for your home! The benefits are endless and will provide many years of relaxation, improved health benefits such as less stress, better sleep, and will relieve you of muscle pains among many other things. Stop in today and check them out for yourself!

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