Biggest Swimming Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Aqua-Palace-Featured-380x350-Above-Ground-PoolWe’ve all made mistakes in the past, we are only human, but let’s debunk the top reasons why our pool ends up a mess and causing us headaches. Summer should be fun and taking care of a pool should be easy, let us show you how!

Mistake 1 – Shock at Night

It is very important to shock your swimming pool only at night, once the sun has gone down. If you are adding shock any other time throughout the day, you are not reaping the benefits from it and are actually just throwing money down the drain. Swimming pool shock is not sunlight stabilized, meaning if it is added during the day, the sun will burn off all of the shock prior to it having any time to circulate through the water. Swimming pool shock should be added once per week, in the evening after the sun has gone down to help eliminate the dead and decaying bacteria that the chlorine has killed, but left stagnant in the pool. Without shocking the pool on a regular basis, your water can be hazy and filled with odors.


Mistake 2 – Don’t use auto cleaner for algae

Although it sounds like the perfect way to clean up algae from your swimming pool floor, auto cleaners are not designed to handle a slimy mess. Although auto cleaners will pick up some of the algae on the bottom of the floor, it will not remove all of it. Manually vacuuming the pool to waste is the best way to get rid of any debris and algae in the bottom of the pool. Once the algae has been cleaned up and all of your chemical levels are back in balance, you can then continue using your auto cleaner for any small debris that may enter the pool, such as dirt and leaves. If your chemical levels are consistently kept in the correct levels, algae will never be an issue you have to contend with. Prevention is key!


Mistake 3 – Ensure proper pH & Alkalinity levels

If your pH or Alkalinity levels are not in the correct range, make sure to add the correct product on a regular basis until it is in the proper range. Incorrect pH can do a lot of damage not only to your pool structure itself (pool lining/surface) but also the pump seals, heaters, and other equipment. The pH level in your pool may change after a rain or even after adding some additional make-up water in the pool. It is important to always test and keep pH as close to 7.5 as possible. If your pH level is in the proper range and your alkalinity is slightly still out of range, that is okay. pH is far more critical to maintain than alkalinity is. pH and alkalinity usually follow each other, so if one is low the other will usually be as well. Only add small amounts of pH increase or decrease, as it is slow to react with the water. If too much is added at once, your pH could end up too far on the opposite spectrum, causing you to add additional product to re-correct the issue.

*Reminder – You can not simply look at the water or smell it and know what the pH level is in your pool – ALWAYS TEST!

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