January 13th – National Skeptics Day – Don’t be skeptical about a hot tub!
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January 13th – National Skeptics Day – Don’t be skeptical about a hot tub!
March 13/2020

Have you thought about purchasing a hot tub, but then second guess yourself because you aren’t sure how much you will actually use it? We find that there is usually one person in every family (husband or wife) that doesn’t think they will use it much, however in reality they end up using the hot tub the most once they get it in their own backyard! Life is too short to always be skeptical – take a leap of faith and see how beneficial a hot tub can really be in your life!

Easy to Use
Hot tubs are very easy to enjoy – fill up, heat up and jump in! It really is that simple. You will never have to “talk yourself into” soaking in the hot tub, like you do when you drag yourself to the gym. Every day you will be excited for the moment in time that you have set aside to soak in your hot tub and to just let your mind wonder. No matter what time of year, hot tubs are perfect for relaxing those sore muscles and giving your mind a break from all the happenings around you. We really do believe that hot tubs create a “lifestyle” change for you and your family, for the better!

Easy to Maintain
Our Marquis Spas are super easy to maintain, without much effort from you at all! Our chemical injection system and constant clean water management will take a lot of the work off of your hands. Our chemical injection system will automatically introduce the chlorine or bromine in the hot tub after you exit, so you can close the lid and head inside. Our constant clean water management will also kick on 15 mins after you soak and remove any body oils, lotions, ect that are in the water. Being able to sanitize the water quickly after use AND clean up anything we left behind with our filtration system will keep your spa looking clean and clear, with really no effort on your end! If you can spare a couple minutes every week to check the hot tub and add shock and clarifier, you can easily maintain your hot tub! You don’t have to be a chemist to own a hot tub, we make it easy!

All hot tubs are not the same
It’s important to remember that just like many other items out there, many different manufactures make like items (stoves, refrigerators, cars, ect) however they are not all built equally. Some hot tub brands will consume much more of your time in order to keep it clean, because they do not have the technology to do so for you, like the Marquis Spas do. If you are looking for (a) quality, (b) longevity, (c) therapy, (d) ultimate water management, (e)American Made Product, (f) automatic chemical dosing system…then look no further than a Marquis Spa. We make life simple!

Life Changing
The biggest regret we always hear from customers once their hot tub has been delivered and they have had a few days or weeks to enjoy it is – “I wish we would have done it sooner!” It doesn’t have to be this way though. If we aren’t skeptical, we won’t miss the chance to start enjoying something amazing NOW, instead of later down the road! Hot tubs are LIFE CHANGING! You will sleep better, have more energy, less joint pain and will also have precious uninterrupted time with your spouse and family, in a relaxing atmosphere. There is nothing stressful about owning a hot tub – we can actually help simplify your life and make it more meaningful! Calling all skeptics to give it a try and prove us wrong!

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