Do you have to use chlorine in your hot tub every day?
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Do you have to use chlorine in your hot tub every day?
March 13/2020

The frequency of when chlorine should be added to the hot tub varies greatly depending on several factors such as: bather load, average length of time using hot tub, and how often you use it. Even if you only use the hot tub once a week, it is recommended to still check the hot tub every other day to insure the chlorine and pH levels are in the proper range. That way you are able to add the chemicals that are needed, before a problem arises.

After each use, you should add 1-2 tsp of chlorine for each person who used the hot tub. This will help to kill off any of the bacteria that was just placed in the hot tub, before it has time to multiply. If you wait until morning or in another day or two to add chlorine, the bacteria will probably have already started to form and the water will probably already be cloudy.

Due to the heat of the water, even if you aren’t using the hot tub, it will still consume chlorine to keep the bacteria from building up.  It is a huge misconception out there that as long as you aren’t using it, the chlorine level will stay the same.

Most of the time, you will be adding chlorine a couple times a week, or each time after you use the hot tub. Getting into this routine will insure that your hot tub is always properly maintained and ready for you whenever you are ready to jump in!

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