5 Hot Tub Products You Might Not Be Using (But Should Be!)
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5 Hot Tub Products You Might Not Be Using (But Should Be!)
March 13/2020

Using a clarifier on a regular basis helps to aide your filter in pulling out finer particles in the water that otherwise would pass right thru and back into the hot tub. By adding this product on a weekly basis, it lightly coats your filter so that the fine particles that pass thru the filter will be collected and can be easily rinsed off.

Metal Remover
This product goes in first after each hot tub fill before any other items are added to insure that all the metals (iron, copper, rust etc) are protected and taken care of before any chlorine/bromine is introduced into the water. In the Omaha metro area we have a high metal content even in our city water and especially in the rural and well water systems. Once this product has been added, it’s important to wait 24 hrs before adding any chlorine, shocks, clarifiers, or pH adjusters to the water. The water should be up to your desired temperature at this time, prior to adding any sanitizers.

pH adjusters
The ideal pH range is between 7.2-7.4.  It’s important to have both pH Up and pH Down products on hand at all times. You will typically go through one of them more than the other, but after using the spa on a regular basis, adding additional makeup water, the pH in your hot tub can turn the opposite direction.

Should be used once per week on a chlorine system or after each use on a bromine system. The shock is added to help finish the kill of the dead bacteria that is left in the hot tub once the chlorine has killed it. Without this burnoff, your level of free chlorine/bromine that would be available to kill more bacteria would be very low or non-existent, causing a continually low sanitizer level which would be hard to get to the correct range. It’s important to let your jets run for a 15 min cycle with your hot tub cover completely open. If the hot tub cover remains closed, the burnoff will cause the dead bacteria to adhere to the bottom of your hot tub cover, cause mold or other slime issues.

Swirl Away
It is recommended to clean out your plumbing lines every year or so with a Swirl Away product. This product is added directly into the hot tub water, prior to draining your hot tub (perfect right before your next water change). Allowing this product to circulate thru the jets and plumbing without your filters in the hot tub for a hour or two will allow it to break up any hard water deposits that may have started to collect in the plumbing. Next, simply drain the hot tub as you normally would and refill. Once filled, continue to circulate the water in the hot tub for an hour or two. Drain and refill the hot tub again to remove any traces of the suds. Once refilled, continue with your regular start up regimen.

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