Two Easier Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover
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Two Easier Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover
March 14/2020

Easier Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover

We have several options available to assist you in removing your hot tub cover easier and making your soak much more enjoyable!

Easy Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover #1: Hydrolic Lifts

This type of coverlift is the absolute easiest to operate, simply lifting with just 2 fingers! The hydrolic lift bracket mounts just under the base of the lip of the spa (the highest mount possible). Since the mount is at the highest point, the bottom of the cover is just at the base of the lip of the shell, meaning almost the entire cover is standing up above the tub. This cover is not recommended if you are in a high wind area as this could cause the cover to collapse while you are soaking.

Easy Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover #2: Standard Lifts

There are several types of standard cover lifts (which do not include hydrolic shocks). These coverlift brackets mount mid and low range on the spa skirt, depending on the style. These covers still pre-position the cover so you don’t have to hassle with pulling it off the ground and insuring that the cover is lined up on all 4 corners. These lifts do sit lower to the ground, some fall half way up the hot tub skirt where others are mere inches from the ground.

Any of these cover lifts are better than hassling with the cover yourself each time you want to use your spa. That can take the fun and enjoyment out of using your hot tub on a regular basis! A coverlift will also prolong the life of your hot tub cover as well because you it won’t be touching the ground! Save your back, Save your pocketbook and Spend more time in your hot tub relaxing!

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