New Technologies Available: Upgrade your hot tub NOW!
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New Technologies Available: Upgrade your hot tub NOW!
March 14/2020

If you have been enjoying your hot tub for the past 5 to 10 years (or longer) you may be missing out on new technologies that are now available, which will make your soak even more stress-relieving and save you time on chemical maintenance! Here is what’s new:

Better filtration:
Marquis is always finding ways to make your life easier and your hot tub water cleaner. Over the years, they have perfected the meaning of “clean” with their Constant Clean filtration! These new Marquis units know when you exit the tub and cleans up the water immediately after use! This eliminates all bathtub rings because the dirty water is not sitting for hours prior to being filtered after each use!  Now that’s super clean water!

Automatic Chemical Injection:
Save time and money with Marquis’ unique Frog System! This inline chemical management system will automatically inject your sanitizer as well as a mineral suppressant when needed! This means less time for you manually adding the chemicals and more time enjoying your hot tub!

Just like trading your car in every few years to upgrade and get the odometer back down to zero, as well as picking out a new model and enjoying the new features that have come out, you too can do so with your Marquis hot tub! Trade in’s are always welcome at Aqua Palace! We have the largest selection of new AND pre-owned hot tubs in the Omaha metro area! Stop by and pick out your next hot tub model, select your favorite new color and start your odometer (also known as your relaxation) over fresh and new!

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