Why our hot tub covers are better than the rest!
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Why our hot tub covers are better than the rest!
March 14/2020

Virgin Foam Cores:

While many competitors use regrind in their foam cores to save them money during production our manufacture uses only virgin foam cores to save you money on your electric bill and provide you a stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient cover.

Vapor Seal:  

Our manufactures exclusive, proprietary plastic is more effective than what other manufacturers typically use. Our specially formulated material reduces vapor transmission and still has the strength, flexibility, transparency, and seal-ability we require. Equally important is the perfect heat seal seam. They use an impulse sealer that makes a perfect seam using the right combination of temperature, pressure, and timing. Unlike the less expensive hand-held sealing machines, all human variables are eliminated so your cover makes a perfect seal every time.

N-ergy Fit™ technology and Full Length Heat Seal Gasket:

Our end pillow and full length heat seal are all specially designed to help save heat and prevent moisture loss for long-term energy savings, custom to our own Marquis Spa brand line!

ASTM Cover Standard AND UL Classified:

They meet the ASTM Safety Standard along with other manufacturers and we have gone a step further to be independently UL Classified.

Three-Year Non-Prorated Warranty:

We stand behind our product regarding both materials and workmanship. With less than a 1% failure rate on both encasement and cores, we can guarantee that we make an excellent product. You will see life expectancy well beyond this warranty period!

Marine Grade Vinyl:

Our covers still include mildew and UV inhibitors; we have not settled for less-expensive materials without the plasticizers. Our material has the flexibility to stretch with the core rather than failing at points of stress and less expensive vinyl cannot compete.

Twenty-Eight Points of Internal Reinforcement:

Every stress point is reinforced including the hinge, handles, straps, corners, and skirts.

Over 30 Years of Experienced Craftsmanship:

Our years of knowledge means we can create a cover for almost any portable or inground spa.

Each hot tub cover is custom and ordered to your specific measurements. This allows a perfect fit, not only from the length x width, but also the radius of the corners, the strap length as well as the skirt flap length. Options such as thicker foam cores, bigger tapper and added full length heat seal are also available for every model!

Even though using a one-piece box is less expensive, they have found the two-piece top and bottom boxes to be far more durable, tested at 275 lbs!

The Original – not even the best copy can match the quality and pride that go into our spa covers!

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