What does an industry leading hot tub warranty mean?
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What does an industry leading hot tub warranty mean?
March 14/2020

In recent studies I have conducted, I’ve come to notice all hot tub manufacturers bragging about how their warranty stands above everyone else’s.  While looking into the purchase of a new appliance, I agree that having some support from the manufacturer and company is important, but should it be what makes the ultimate decision?  Does the golden star saying 10-year warranty draw in attention?  Absolutely!  But does it mean all problems are covered? No.

Most companies will market the “10 year structure”.   In terms of Hot Tub warranties, this is pretty much standard and very vague.  Structure on hot tubs is mostly defined by the shell and the system that supports the tub itself.  It’s pretty easy to slap a warranty on this and sell it up.  But components such as pumps, heaters, plumbing, ozone, control panel, electrical, cover, skirting, filtration, salt water systems, lights, hoses, and all other warring components are not covered under this particular warranty.  Before looking to purchase a company’s hot tub, it is important to look and ask questions regarding the guarantees.

Marquis signature tubs have 10 year structural warranty as well.  But what makes our guarantee different?  Aqua Palace has pre-owned units on the floor that exceed this “warranty”.  In fact, one tub recently traded in is 15 years old, and the shell is in near perfect condition.  Who needs a piece of paper or bonus star when we have the same piece of paper and bonus star along with proof that our tubs last.

I encourage everyone to do their research before making the purchase.  See what customer complaints there are.   What they would have done different.  Talk to the dealers.  Ask about the warranties involved.  Then think 10 years from now when the customer is ready to purchase a new tub, what are they going to do with their old tub?  Why not take it back to the retailer?  After all, if a company is proud of their tubs, wouldn’t they be willing to take it back even after the warranty has expired?

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