More Frequently Asked Hot Tub Service Questions
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More Frequently Asked Hot Tub Service Questions
March 14/2020

Everyone has questions from time to time regarding the maintenance and overall care of their hot tub. We are here to answer a few of the top questions that are asked on a regular basis that you might be wondering yourself!

How often should I drain and refill my hot tub?
This is very important! It is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub every 3-4 months. If you have heavy use, you may want to look at draining sooner, but never go longer than 4 months. Body oils, chemicals and other inorganic build up and will cause your water chemistry to be unusually hard to maintain. Even during the winter, it is still safe and recommended to drain the hot tub if you have come to that 3-4 month period. All you need is a warm day (above freezing, but hey that’s warm in the middle of winter right?) Make sure that you refill the hot tub immediately after draining it.

I have a leak in my hot tub, where might it be coming from?
Although this is not a frequent concern, occasionally with age, the heat of the water, and the chemicals you will have gaskets that will simply wear out. The first place to always look for a leak is in your motor compartment area. You can access this area by simply removing a few screws and pulling the side panel off of your hot tub! This location holds your pumps, heaters, ozonators and all other equipment to make your hot tub function properly. There are however a lot of connection points that require gaskets, such as on each side of the heater and each side of the pump. The pumps also have a seal inside the motor housing which can also deteriorate overtime or with poor chemical balance and cause a leak. Determine where the water is coming from and contact us for the best way to resolve the issue. Most of these gaskets can be replaced by the homeowner, but the pump seals will usually need to be replaced by a professional. This is the most common area for a leak. If you don’t notice water in the motor compartment area, it would be best to contact us to set up a further inspection to investigate where the leak might be coming from (keep in mind this can be costly and time consuming as there is hundreds of feet of plumbing in each hot tub.)
How Do I Drain My Hot Tub?
There is a built in drain valve on every hot tub model. It will be located on the exterior of your hot tub base (usually on the same side as your motor compartment door) or it will be located inside the motor compartment area. Simply attach your garden hose on to the drain valve and let it go! This will naturally feed the water out of your hot tub on to your grass. This will allow you to move the hose around in the yard so that you are not dumping all of the water in one area. You can also use a sump pump which will pump the water out much faster.

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