Top 2 Frequently Asked Hot Tub Service Questions
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Top 2 Frequently Asked Hot Tub Service Questions
March 14/2020

Everyone has questions from time to time regarding the maintenance and overall care of their hot tub. We are here to answer a few of the top questions that are asked on a regular basis that you might be wondering yourself!

Why isn't my hot tub "hot" anymore?
This is a very legitimate question! Nobody wants a cold hot tub… that just doesn't make sense! The first thing to check that could be causing this problem is the filters in the hot tub. If they become plugged either with debris, body oils, or metals in the water (including calcium) it may restrict the flow of water, causing your heater to be unable to kick on. A quick test is to first make sure that there is no debris in the tub (small toys, leaves, or any other form of debris that could get sucked into the filter canisters). Once all obstructions have been removed, take out the filters (you can still safely do this with the hot tub turned on as long as there is no debris in the tub). Make sure to never use the hot tub or to keep the hot tub cover open for any length of time when the filters are not in the hot tub. Once the filters are removed, you will be able to let the spa run for a few hours with the cover closed and see if the temperature starts to gain. If it does and there are no other signs or codes flashing on the control panel, you will simply just need to either clean or replace your hot tub filters to solve the problem! If the results are the same after several hours and the hot tub is still not heating up without the filters in them, you will more than likely need a service call to check things out.
Should I drain my hot tub if not in use?
This is a very common question, but before we get started with answering it, we want to ask you a question in response….why are you not wanting to use your hot tub? A hot tub can benefit you all times of the year with a simple temperature adjustment depending on the season.  Get in there and use it already, your body will thank you! There are several factors that you must keep in mind if leaving your hot tub drained. We always recommend to use the hot tub all year round but if you are unable to maintain the chemicals and to check it on a regular basis (and of course USE it) it may be best to leave it drained. During the summer, the hot tub should not have any chance of freezing, but it is still important to remove all of the water from the hot tub to insure you don’t have stale and stagnant water. In the winter it’s not recommended to leave the hot tubs drained, because even a small amount of water in the plumbing can cause it to freeze, expand and crack plumbing lines. This could be a very costly repair for you. The seals in the hot tub will also dry up whether it’s in the summer or in the winter and will most likely need to be replaced before refilling the spa.

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