High School Athletes Need Hot Tubs
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High School Athletes Need Hot Tubs
March 14/2020

High School Athletes Need Hot Tubs
Whether you play baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, or tennis, you could benefit from using a hot tub! After practice, right before practice, or just for fun – you will reap the benefits in many ways! Check out the benefits below!

Ease Those Muscles
After a long game, your muscles could really use a good therapy session to relax. The tension that is built up during the course of a sports game can be painful. If the tension is not relieved soon it can actually cause further damage. The Hot Seats and Zoned Therapy of a Marquis Spa from Aqua Palace will offer soothing relief to those tired muscles. From the neck and shoulder jets all the way down to the reflex foot massage, the hydrokinetic therapy will ease away the soreness and stiff muscles. The high flow therapy system will allow heat to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue bringing relief and healing to your body, without the itchy stinging feeling you get from other hot tubs.

Rejuvenate Your Back
Your back is the most over worked part of your body, even more so then your feet, when you are playing sports! Your spine has the duty of keeping everything aligned and working correctly and if something is out of whack, you will more than likely know it!  The buoyancy provided by soaking in a Marquis Spa allows the spine to stretch back out and reduce the effects of gravity. By allowing your spine to lengthen, your back will stay in place better and reduce aches and pains associated with riding for extended periods of time.

Home Run
Sports are a beloved thing in America and everyone either enjoys watching or playing at least one sport. Everyone can benefit from the Home Run action that a nightly soak in one of Omaha’s favorite, a Marquis hot tub can bring you! You will never realize what you are missing until you finally get into hot water! Even those who say they wouldn’t use a hot tub much are usually the ones that use it every single night!!  You will sleep better and you will play even better than you ever have before, with no more pain!

Dream Big
A quick soak in your Marquis Spa after a long shift will drift you right off to sleep dreaming about hitting that next home run or scoring that next touchdown in complete relaxation! Soaking in a hot tub before sleep raises your body temperature. Once out of the hot tub, your body temperature naturally lowers and sets the stage for your body to drift off to sleep easier with no pain or cares in the world!

So keep on playing the sports you love with no worries about the pain and the tension, for it will soon be gone when you get home from the game and enter your backyard retreat and slip into your Marquis Spa from Aqua Palace!

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