Hot Tub Use During Pregnancy
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Hot Tub Use During Pregnancy
March 15/2020

Congrats to those of you who are expecting! What an exciting time in your life! If you were thinking you would have to hang up your bathing suit until after baby comes, guess again! Hot tubs are perfectly safe to use in the right conditions! You will see even more benefits of using a hot tub during pregnancy than you ever did before!!

Relieve Back Strain:
Who knew hot water could feel sooo amazing!! With all the extra weight you are carrying due to that precious cargo inside, you will feel a lot more aches and pains than you ever have before. An easy way to relieve back pains is simply to enjoy a soak in the water, which will take a lot of your body weight off of your joints and muscles. This will ease the pain and give you a perfect nights sleep (minus the bathroom trips!!)

Keep the temp down:
The next  important thing to remember when using the hot tub while you are pregnant is to adjust the temperature accordingly. If you prefer to only soak in 100 or 101 degree water, cut down on the amount of time you soak. If 98 degrees is much more comfortable, you will be able to soak for longer periods of time!

Stay Hydrated:
It’s very important to always stay hydrated (whether your pregnant or not! )However, it is even more important to keep yourself hydrated while soaking in the hot tub when you are expecting. You are now drinking for 2! Within a normal 20 min soak, you can lose several ounces of perspiration from sweating. If you are not re-hydrating yourself it will not take long to become dehydrated. Continue to drink a full glass of water over the course of your soak.

The most important things to keep in mind are:
  • Always check with your physician before using the hot tub on a regular basis to ensure there are no other conditions present that would be beneficial to remain out of the hot water during pregnancy.
  • Bring water with you in the hot tub to keep yourself hydrated. No alcoholic beverages should ever be consumed while soaking in the hot tub and definitely not while you are pregnant.
  • Keep the temperature down to a comfortable level. This level may differ between each woman, but making sure that the water is not overly hot will keep you and the baby safe.
  • Before you start to sweat, you should exit the hot tub. You should only be in the hot water long enough to relive some stress and tension in your body, but not long enough that you are profusely sweating.
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