Hot Tub Water Chemistry Tip # 6 Clarify Your Water!
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Hot Tub Water Chemistry Tip # 6 Clarify Your Water!
March 15/2020

We have discussed some of the products that are needed to be used to maintain your hot tub on a daily or weekly basis for sanitization. There are also other chemicals that are just as important and shouldn't be left out of your regiment for many reasons. Clarifiers are very important in maintaining water quality and not just adding them after there is already a problem. There are two different types of clarifiers: one that will prevent cloudy water and help your filters to pull out small particles more efficiently, and one that is an enzyme remover to pull out body oils, lotions, makeup, and hair products that will sometimes leave a residue on the surface of the water.

Stand up to Cloudy Water!
A Spa Clarifier should be added once a week to prevent cloudiness before it becomes a problem. It is much easier to prevent a problem than it is to wait until it has already manifested and is a much bigger problem. It will also save you money and time by maintaining it on a regular basis than waiting to add a few ounces once it has already become cloudy. This type of clarifier helps to coat the spa filter so that it is able to collect and remove the small particles in the water, so that you can easily rinse them off of the filter. An average spa will need approx. 4 oz of this type of Spa Clarifier on a weekly basis.

Wipe Out Bodily Contaminants!
Another type of clarifier that is needed for a lot of people is an Enzyme Remover such as Natural Clear. One of the biggest issues that everyone faces in a hot tub is the amount of body oils, lotions and other small contaminants that are left in the water per person after every use. These particles can create scum bubbles on the surface of the water which indicates that it is a body oil issue that will need an enzyme remover to cure it. By adding a clarifier that is an enzyme remover such as Natural Clear on a weekly basis you will be able to prevent these body oils from building up,which makes for clearer water!

These clarifiers are designed to work with any sanitation system and won’t affect your pH level or other water chemistry. You can use both of these clarifiers together if both problems persist in your hot tub, we would just recommend cutting down the dosage so that you aren't adding anymore than 5 oz total of both clarifiers combined on a weekly basis. With a Marquis Spa, you don’t have to use very much clarifier at all! Usually less than 2 oz a week is all that is needed with our Constant Clean filtration system! Looking for a Marquis Spa in Omaha or don’t currently own a Marquis Spa? Stop on over today and we will help you out!

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