Got a Cold? Tip #4 Soak in Your Omaha Hot Tub Be Sure to Stay Hydrated!
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Got a Cold? Tip #4 Soak in Your Omaha Hot Tub Be Sure to Stay Hydrated!
March 15/2020

It is very important to stay hydrated the whole time during your cold, but especially true right before, during and after your hot tub soak! The temperature of the water will cause you to sweat which will dehydrate you quickly if you aren't prepared. It’s also important to drink strictly water before, during and after your soak and refrain from alcohol. Consuming any amount of alcohol around the time of your soak can be deadly, as your blood vessels are already dilated and alcohol can make your blood too thin and cause many issues.

Staying Hydrated is Extremely Important in a Hot Tub!
I’m sure you remember your mother refilling your cup hundreds of times each day you were home from school sick when you were a kid, while exclaiming “You need to drink more, make sure you finish all of this!” Well, as they say, mom is always right, and she nailed it on the head again. Staying hydrated is extremely important every single day and even more so when you are sick! When soaking in your hot tub, you also will sweat and perspire several ounces for each 10 minutes that you soak. This means you will need to drink even more during your soak and after, then you have been drinking prior. This will help replenish what you have sweated out in the hot tub. Grossed out? It happens every time you soak, not just when you are sick. On a Marquis Spa though, our Constant Clear filtration system will start to immediately pull those particles out of the water and store them in the filter.

How Soaking in an Omaha Hot Tub Can Help Your Health!
Think of  hot tub soaking as exercise, which it really is! All of the effects of exercise are present when you’re hot tub soaking including: increased circulation, blood flow and increase in heart rate per minute. So just as you would drink water before and after exercise, be sure to drink it before, during and after your hot tub soak. Why go to the gym now when you can get a lot of the same benefits from soaking in your Omaha hot tub? It is true that a hot tub will provide a lot of the same benefits as working out (with the same amount of dehydration possible) but a hot tub should never totally replace your regular work out routine. A hot tub will never be able to provide you with increased muscle mass like a traditional work out will!

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