Get Over a Cold Tip #3 - Your Hot Tub as Warm Water Will Cure Aches!
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Get Over a Cold Tip #3 - Your Hot Tub as Warm Water Will Cure Aches!
March 15/2020

The temperature of your hot tub can be adjusted to fit your own personal needs. Soaking in your hot tub when you have a cold will allow you to overcome it much faster. You will be able to sleep better, get rid of headaches and therefore get over the effects of your cold much sooner! We hear customers ask "what temperature is best to have my hot tub at when I’m sick?” and as crazy as it sounds, there is a huge difference between 100 degrees and 102 degrees. You wouldn't walk outside today, knowing that it was 70 degrees outside and say its fine and then tomorrow walk outside when it is 72 degrees and say “Wow it’s really hot out here!” But in a spa, even just a degree increase or decrease in the water temperature can feel extremely different. It is important to find the right temperature for you and your body. There is not a certain temperature you should keep it at when you are sick, or any other time – it’s a personal preference.

Why is hot water so beneficial when you're sick?
The reason the temperature is so much more intense feeling in a hot tub is because you are fully submerged in it. Unlike standing outside even on a hot day with the sun beating down, you’re not surrounded enough by the penetrating effects of the sun to notice the difference between a 70 degree day and a 72 degree day. In a hot tub, because your body is warmed up so much faster being totally submerged, you get the instant feeling of heat when you enter, which starts to ward off your cold. It also helps your circulation by opening up the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Your body temperature will continue to rise as your soak session goes on. This is one of the reasons why we recommend getting your heart out of the water after 10 – 15 mins, so that your core body temperature can cool down slightly before continuing your session.

Different Seasons, Different Temperatures!
Different times of the year may cause you to vary the temperature in your spa to accommodate the fluctuations. This is normal and is recommended for you to get the most out of your hot tub soaking time. It is still beneficial to use your hot tub during the summer months, when you are outside mowing, gardening, and exercising. It will help to relieve the tension in your muscles from all of those activities. If you think using your hot tub in the winter is beneficial, try turning down the temperature a few degrees and using it in the summer! You will be amazed at how much better you feel!

Tip: It is recommended to use your spa for approximately 20-30 minute sessions at a time. This allows for enough time to be able to work the areas of your body that need hot water therapy, but not lasting too long to increase your core body temperature to an unsafe level. There are usually higher seats in every Marquis Spa, which are strategically placed there so you can raise your heart above the water level to cool down. This will prevent you from getting too hot during your session.

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