How long after I shock my pool can I swim?
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How long after I shock my pool can I swim?
March 15/2020

If you are using a non-chlorine shock in your swimming pool, you can actually swim 15 minutes later!! That is the beauty of using this type of quick pool shock! When using this type of shock, you also don’t have to wait to shock after dark – it can be added any time throughout the day!

If you are using the standard chlorine swimming pool shock, you will need to add the shock after the sun has gone down. By morning after the sun has hit the pool for the first hour or two, it will burn off the last bit of shock remaining in the pool and then it is safe to swim.

Non-Chlorine Shock – Swim in 15 mins – Add anytime throughout the day

Chlorine Shock – Add in the evening – Swim the next morning

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