How often should I drain my aboveground pool?
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How often should I drain my aboveground pool?
March 15/2020

This is such a great question that we hear often, but what is the answer!?

Over time, your pool becomes saturated with chemicals, in-organics, body oils and many other components. If these items are left in the water too long (hence, not changing your water often enough) they can become a BIG problem and can even cause algae to form!

It is recommended on most residential aboveground pools that they be completely drained and refilled every 7-10 years. With the proper filtration system and proper water chemistry, you should be able to keep the water clean and clear until that time frame without any concerns.

If you are having major issues with the water and you have tried cleaning the filter system with no change to the condition of the water, it may be best to drain and refill the pool. We always recommend replacing the sand/DE powder or cartridge filter first to see if that will eliminate your issues. If you have cleaned and or changed the filter media and have tried to chemically treat the issue, it may be best to drain ½ to ¾ of the pool and fill immediately with fresh water to try and cure your problem.

Where do I drain my swimming pool water? It is best to check with your local city or county standards in regards to waste water laws. In most cases, dispersing the water over your yard and garden are great ways to recycle the water, while not having to pay to water your flowers and yard! The chemicals in the pool at the proper levels are perfectly safe to disperse over your yard without any environmental concerns or any worries of killing your grass or plants. What a great way to recycle!

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