Why to not use water softener salt in your swimming pool
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Why to not use water softener salt in your swimming pool
March 15/2020

There are many ingredients that are different between water softener salt and swimming pool salt. Water softener salt includes additional components that can be very corrosive to your salt cell. Here is what can happen if you use the wrong type of salt in your swimming pool…

Calcified Salt Cell
The added components of water softener salt can collect on your salt cell electrode which will prevent a good connection and will not allow your system to recognize the true level of salt in the water. If this persists too long, the electrode can be damaged enough that it must be replaced. This can lead to a very costly repair, between $400-$900 for the cell alone.

Stains on bottom of pool
Inevitably over time, regular water softener salt can cause staining on your pool surface. This can be hard to correct and may even be permanent. Pool salt is meant to dissolve much quicker in the water to avoid this issue whereas water softener salt is meant to slowly erode over time in your softener and not all at once.

Water Haziness
Due to the extra components and inert ingredients in water softener salt, it can make your crystal clear pool go hazy. It will usually come back fairly quickly with some tender loving care, however the inert ingredients that make the water hazy continue to build up in the pool overtime, leading to other problems.

pH adjustments
Your pH may need to be adjusted shortly after adding water softener salt, due to the difference in the chemical make up between the two types of salts. Swimming pool salt will not cause your pH level to increase or decrease due to simply adding more salt to your pool. Although this can usually be adjusted easily, simply adding swimming pool salt to your pool will allow you to avoid this unnecessary step.

Aqua Palace has professional pool salt on hand and ready when you need it, as the most competitive price you will find! There are many brands of salt out there that are labeled “Swimming Pool Salt”, however the quality of the salt, along with the price difference, indicate that they are not equal in quality. Purchasing pool salt from a swimming pool retailer and not a big box super center will give you the peace of mind that you are preserving your investment not only in your salt system, but also on your entire swimming pool.

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