How to Have the Best Labor Day Pool Party!
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How to Have the Best Labor Day Pool Party!
March 18/2020

Are you ready to throw one last pool party that your whole neighborhood in Omaha will be talking about all winter long? We can help make this last holiday weekend SUPER FUN!

Make sure the pool is ready
Your chlorine and pH levels should always be kept at a constant level to eliminate bacteria from having a chance to grow. If your levels are not in the proper range, it is recommended to hold your party off until the following weekend. If the levels are not balanced, it could be harmful for people to swim in, especially a large group of people for a party. Every person that enters the pool uses up some of the chlorine and if there is simply not enough chlorine to go around, then a bacteria will begin to form.  Your chlorine level should be kept around 2-3 ppm and your pH level should be 7.5. If your levels are not testing out to be in those correct ranges, make your needed adjustments to get the water back in line.

Invite your friends
Make it a party and invite all the neighbors! The more friends the better the pool party! Stock up on fun pool floats (especially this time of year because you can find them up to 30% off at your local Omaha metro pool store, Aqua Palace!) Create non-alcoholic, juice based fruit drinks to enjoy poolside to keep you and your guests hydrated! Make sure and pull out the floating basketball and volleyball game, water fountains, dive sticks, arm floats for younger swimmers and kick boards! Start your party early and make it last all day, ending with a fun BBQ on the grill! If the water gets a little hazy during the party, have everyone take a 15 min break poolside and add a few bags of a non chlorine shock such as Oxy Brite which will clear the pool back up, prevent bacteria from building up and will not be harmful your swimmers after the 15 min timeframe is up. Enjoying a good time with your friends and family is what it’s all about!

After the Party
Once the party is over, it’s now time to give the pool a little extra attention. If you are on a chlorine or salt system, the best thing to do after the sun has set and everyone is out of the pool is to shock it. Depending on the size of your pool and how many people you had over will depend on how many bags of shock you will need to use. By adding the shock after everyone is finished swimming will help to kill off any leftover bacteria that may be in the water. This will help to wipe the slate clean before it has a chance to build up and multiply. Adding a maintenance dose of a water clarifier is a great option after a pool party as well. This usually goes directly down the skimmer, the fastest route to the filtration system. Adding a few more chlorine tablets to your skimmer, floater or automatic feeder is also a good idea. If you are on a salt system, changing your output to 100% for the night would be a great option to boost your chlorine level back up.

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