Properly Closing Your Aboveground Pool for the Winter
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Properly Closing Your Aboveground Pool for the Winter
March 18/2020

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We know you have had a fun summer and are dreading “packing up” the pool, but my friends, it has come to that time once again. All of the fun summer stuff has disappeared off large retailers shelves and Halloween stuff is already in full force! So what do you need to know to close down your aboveground pool this year? Read on!

Adjust Chlor and pH Levels
Make sure that all of your levels are where they should be, including your chlorine and pH level. If either one of them is off either direction, make sure it is corrected before shutting off the filter system. It is very important that these levels be proper to insure that you will not grow algae once the filtration system has been turned off. We are relying solely upon the chemical levels as well as the special winter chemicals that we are adding to keep these thousands of gallons clean and clear for another 6 months! If needed, add chlorine (tablets or granular) and wait a few days to insure that the level is where it should be. If there is any algae present in the water, you may need to super shock and wait up to a week until everything is back to normal.

Add Winter Chemicals
It is important to get the correct winterizing chemicals (and in the correct dose for your size of pool) to prevent bacteria from forming over the winter. Aqua Palace sells chlorine winterizing kits in two different sizes – small kit and a large kit. The small kit will work up to 12,000 gals and the large kit will work from 12,000 – 24,000 gals. These kits contain a Non Chlorine Shock which will kill any bacteria that is present and stay in the water for a longer period of time than the traditional shock. You will also have a special winter algaecide that is added to prevent the growth of any algae when the water is stagnant and not circulating. The last thing that will need to be added is a metal and stain control. This simple prevents any calcium, iron, or copper in your water from building up over the winter while the water is not moving, which can cause staining and or a cakey build up. It is recommended to let these products circulate for 12-24 hrs prior to turning off your filter system.

Vac the Pool
Another important key to proper winterization is to make sure that all of the debris is cleaned off the surface, walls and floor of the pool before turning the filter system off. If any debris is left in the pool (including leaves, fine dust or silt, or bugs) they will increase your chances of algae forming. Algae feeds off the phosphates in the water, which comes from dying and decaying debris such as leaves. Close the pool down pretty and it will look pretty in the spring!

The last thing that will be put on after the filter system is turned off, the water level is drained (if needed, depending on the type of pool), hoses are disconnected and put away and the winter plugs are placed in the correct wall fittings is the winter cover. This cover will protect the interior of your pool from the harsh Omaha winters and will also keep the debris out of your pool. These covers are dark in color, which helps to keep sunlight from getting into the pool and allowing algae to form (as long as all the other precautions have been taken with the proper chemical levels.)  Once the cover is placed over the pool and secured, you can then enjoy all the colors of fall around you and remember all of the fun times you had in your pool this summer! Get ready to start your count down for spring, when the pool will be back open for business again!

*Salt pools will also follow this same regimen when closing down the pool. *

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