How do I kill algae in my swimming pool?
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How do I kill algae in my swimming pool?
March 18/2020

Chlorine System:
It’s important to keep in mind that algae can only form or continue to grow when there is an absence of chlorine in the water. In order to kill the algae in your swimming pool once it has started, we will need to over chlorinate the pool. To do this:

Make sure you have 2-3 chlorine tablets at least either in the skimmer basket in your pool or auto chlorinator (or adjust the chlorinator level to 4 or 5).
Add an algaecide to prevent the further spread of the growth
After dark, add 6-8 bags of shock around the perimeter of the pool and allow it to circulate
Vacuum pool to get rid of any algae growth on the bottom. If there is a lot of algae formation, it is recommended to vacuum to waste, instead of putting the debris into the filter where it can continue to grow.

Make sure you never turn off your swimming pool filter system, regardless of the time of day. Algae forms when there is lack of water movement, poor filtration, and lack of sanitizer. It is highly recommended to run your filter system 24/7 from the time you start up the pool in the spring, till the time you shut it down in the fall.

It may take a couple days for the pool to return crystal blue, but the important thing to remember is to check the chlorine and pH level in the each day until it is clear, to make sure that we are keeping enough chlorine in the water to kill off the bacteria. Once the water is clear, it’s important to stay on top of it and check the swimming pool every couple of days to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Baquacil System:
On this type of system, your filter is doing 95% of the work, so it is important to first clean the sand with a sand filter cleaner.
Once the filter has been cleaned, follow the steps below:
  • Check your Oxidizer and Sanitizer levels and adjust if needed.
  • Add Performance Algaecide as recommended on bottle for your pool size.
  • Add dose of CDX or Step B product to help keep levels regulated.
  • Vacuum the pool to waste to get rid of the algae growth so that it does not sit inside the sand filter.
It’s important to test the water daily until the water returns to clear and the levels stay consistent. It is not uncommon every day or so, to have to add another dose of the Oxidizer or Sanitizer to keep the levels consistent where they should be.

FYI: On this type of system, it’s not uncommon for your levels to show in the correct range, but still have an algae problem. Baquacil does not tolerate high heat very well, due to the makeup of the chemical which can cause this to occur.