How do I change my aboveground swimming pool overlap liner?
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How do I change my aboveground swimming pool overlap liner?
March 18/2020

For starters, you will need to remove the entire top cap and ledging around the top of the pool. Keep track of all the screws to insure proper re-installation.  Once the top part of the pool has been removed, you will need to carefully pull out the old liner by removing the retainer clips that has it locked into place over the top of your pool wall. Once the clips have been removed, you will be able to pull off the old liner.

To re-install the new liner, fold the top part of the liner over the top part of the pool and pull it over the side of the pool until the floors and walls match up and you do not have any excess material. It’s important to get the liner as tight as you can, to insure a good hold and less wrinkles when completed. Once a section of the liner has been properly installed over the wall, clamp your retainer strips back down to hold the liner in place. Go all the way around the pool until the liner is completed. Once finished, re-install all of the top caps and screws to complete the installation.

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