How to change aboveground pool beaded liner?
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How to change aboveground pool beaded liner?
March 18/2020

The beauty of a beaded pool liner is the fact that you DO NOT have to tear all the top rails off of the pool in order to replace the liner! This will save you time and money!

To start, it’s important to clean out as much of the water as possible from the old pool liner. Remove the old pool liner carefully by unclipping it from the bead receiver all the way around the pool. It’s important to keep the floor dry under the liner, so be careful when removing the old liner if there is still any water in it that you don’t get the ground wet under it (or its recommended that you wait until it the ground has dried to continue the process.)

Once the old liner has been removed, you will want to inspect the floor and possibly replace the foam underneath of it, depending on the quality of it. The foam material gives cushion to the liner and also forms a protective barrier against any impurities that may appear during the freeze and thaw cycle of our Omaha climate, which could penetrate the liner and cause an unwanted tear.

Once the floor is ready to go, it’s time to hang the new liner! It’s as easy as starting in one area of the pool wall and tucking the new liner into the bead receiver! As long as your bead receiver does not appear to have any defects or flaws (and isn’t cracked), there is nothing else you have to do! An extra hand or two is nice to help hold the liner up, as you go around the perimeter and lock in the liner!

Now you’re ready to fill the pool! Once the water level is just below where the skimmer would be by an inch or two, it’s time to finish the last step of the liner installation – cutting in the skimmer. It’s important to mark and measure first before cutting. To do this properly, we would recommend holding up the faceplate or gasket of the skimmer on the inside of the pool and tracing out the inside diameter prior to cutting. You will only want to cut the inside diameter of the skimmer hole and no larger. Once the hole has been cut, it’s time to mount the skimmer back on to the pool! Connect your hoses, finish filling the pool, add you chemicals and you are ready to swim!!

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