What are phosphates in my swimming pool?
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What are phosphates in my swimming pool?
March 18/2020

Phosphates come in many different forms and can be brought into the pool water from: decomposing leaves, small particles in the air that the wind brings in, rain, fertilizers that blow in, etc. These items cause the phosphate level in your pool to rise. The best level to be at in regards to phosphates is 0. We are able to test all the way up to 2500.

How can I get rid of phosphates once they have entered the water?
There is a product that can be added called Phos Free that will remove those elements in your water! This product may need to be repeated in several different treatments depending on the size of the pool as well as the current phosphate level.

What happens if I don’t remove them?
Phosphates are food for algae to feed on. If we get rid of any presence of food, the algae is unable to form. By removing the phosphates, keeping your sanitizer and pH in line at all times, you are less susceptible to an algae occurrence in your pool.
Could a previous algae problem cause my phosphate levels now to still be high?
Absolutely.  A previous battle with algae can leave remaining phosphate particles in the water. If those are not removed along with the algae by adding the Phos Free product, they will continue to linger and could cause another battle to ensue.

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