New LOWER pricing on replacement pool pumps!
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New LOWER pricing on replacement pool pumps!
March 18/2020

We are excited to announce that we are able to LOWER the
price on pool replacement pumps for your swimming pool! Hold up – what!? YES – You heard it right!

How can this be?
Hard to believe? We know it sounds crazy – what products these days actually go DOWN in costs!? With gas prices continuing to rise along with wholegoods, home expenses and groceries; it is very rare that anything lowers in price. So how can this be the case with pool pumps?! With the amount of inventory we purchase yearly, we are able to get additional incentives and lower pricing from our manufactures! For starters, we purchase all of our products directly from the manufactures and not through distribution – saving you the most money possible on the products you need to enjoy your swimming pool all summer long. This allows us to always pass along all of the incentives and discounts we possibly can to our end user – YOU! We are grateful for you and appreciate your continued patronage at Aqua Palace, for all of your swimming pool needs!

What is the difference purchasing through Aqua Palace vs Online?
Over the last several years, a lot of the manufactures in our industry have put strict policies in place to provide brick and mortar retailers such as ourselves additional benefits when purchasing products directly from us, instead of online. Furthermore, not only are we extremely competitive on pricing thanks to our buying power and purchasing direct from the manufacture where there are no middle men – but you ALSO get FULL warranty on the products purchased from a brick and mortar store. With any pump purchased online most manufactures (including Pentair Pool Products) provides a warranty of up to 30 days or LESS. With a brick and mortar store, you receive at minimum 1 FULL YEAR! That’s a HUGE difference! Aqua Palace is here to service you before, during and after the sale! If you have questions about anything, we are here to help! Isn’t it nice to have someone you can talk to directly, face to face, and receive all the answers to your questions and help with your pool problems? We think so – and we hope you see the value in it as well!

We would like to THANK YOU!

Above all, we appreciate every single one of our customers and these additional discounts would not be possible without your patronage over the recent years. A strong company is built from caring and knowledgeable employees and loyal customers like yourself, who continue to support and patronize local, family owned businesses like Aqua Palace! We look forward to a FANTASTIC summer ahead! We look forward to seeing you soon!