Clean up your green pool in 4 days before July 4th!
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Clean up your green pool in 4 days before July 4th!
March 18/2020

Oh my!! It’s almost the 4 of July and your pool is GREEEN! You’ve got a huge party planned and need to get this pool turned around QUICKLY!

We’ve got some suggestions on what to do over the next 4 days to try and turn the pool back around in time for your party. Under normal circumstances this will usually take care of it, however every pool is different and some pools may require additional time to clear.

Day 1
Vacuum the pool! That is the very first thing you need to do, is slowly (very slowly) vacuum the pool even if you can’t see the bottom to try and remove most of the debris and algae that is laying on the bottom of the pool. After you vacuum, check to see if you need to backwash and/or clean your filter. The next step you need to do is test the water for the current chlorine and pH levels. More than likely your chlorine will be at 0. At this time you will need to make sure you have multiple chlorine tablets in the pool or if you have an automatic chlorinator, make sure you turn it up. Add pH adjuster if needed. Once it is dark out, it is recommended to hit it hard with a strong pool shock and professional grade algaecide. We typically recommend 6-8 lbs of shock per 10,000 gals and 1 full qt bottle of a professional grade algaecide. Add all the shock and algaecide at once with your filter running 24/7 as always recommended. Make sure to always add your shock after dark as it is not sunlight stabilized and will burn off too quickly before it has a chance to work!

Day 2
Test the pool again for your chlorine level and pH levels. If your pH still needs to be adjusted, continue to do so. If your chlorine level is showing high (above 5 ppm) that is a great sign. If your chlorine level is still nonexistent or extremely low, we will need to repeat the shock process again this evening after dark and will need to add a few additional lbs of shock than what was added yesterday. Vacuum the pool again slowly to remove any additional debris. Check filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or backwashed. Add clarifier to the pool skimmer at a rate of 8-10 oz per 10,000 gal. A slight improvement in the water quality of the pool should be noticeable if we are headed in the right direction.

Day 3
Test the pool for chlorine and pH levels. If the chlorine level is still high, that is what we are looking for. That means we have probably killed all of the bacteria in the pool and we just have to filter it out of the water. If the chlorine is low still or there is no improvement in the water quality on this day, we would recommend bringing in a pool water sample to have a professional take a look. Vacuum the pool again if needed.

Day 4
The pool should be almost clear and back to normal by now! Check to insure all of your readings are good for your chlorine and pH and adjust if needed. If you need to do one more light shock before the party, it would be best to do it tonight. A non-chlorine shock can be added as well to prevent over chlorination from the standard pool shock, which could irritate your guests.

If the pool is totally clear and the chlorine and pH levels are in the correct ranges, it is totally safe to enjoy the 4 in your pool! If your levels are not in the correct range or the water is slightly hazy still, it is recommended for safety to keep everyone out for a little longer. If this happens, we would recommend continuing the steps above and postponing the party until next weekend. A safe pool is very important in keeping your guests safe and healthy!

We hope you enjoy a safe and fun 4 of July with your friends and family!

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