Cloudy, Milky & Foamy Hot Tub Water


Chemical balance is the most important thing in keeping your hot tub water clear, although every hot tub owner will encounter this dreaded problem at some time or another. There is always a reason that the water goes cloudy, milky or foamy and we are here to tell you what may have caused the problem and how to go about fixing it! You will be on your way to sparkling water again soon!

Cloudy Hot Tub Water Causes:

Cloudy water is usually due to lack of sanitizer for a short or extended period of time. This could occur even within hours after use if the sanitizer level was not properly balanced prior to the last use. When the water goes cloudy it is an indication that there is a white water bacteria that is starting to form, which can only form when there is a lack of sanitizer present.

How to solve:

Test your hot tub water, adjust pH as needed to get into the correct range and more than likely add additional sanitizer. Even if you test the water and the sanitizer is showing good, you will need to add a higher amount of sanitizer to overcome the bacteria that has started to form. Keep in mind that bacteria forms rapidly and can sometimes require large amounts of sanitizer to overcome them before the water will turn around again. It is also recommended to shock the spa with a few additional ounces than you normally do and leave your hot tub cover open for at least 15 mins with the jets running. This will allow the bacteria fumes to exit the hot tub and not become trapped underneath the cover. It’s also recommended to add a water clarifier and to rinse your hot tub filters.


Milky Hot Tub Water Causes:

Milky hot tub water is often caused by body oils, deodorants, makeup, hair products, and laundry detergents. If this has been a common issue in the past, we would recommend showering before getting into the hot tub, which will remove most body oils, deodorants, makeup and hair products. It is also recommended that you do not wash your bathing suites. There is enough sanitizer in the hot tub water if it is maintained properly to keep your swimming suites clean so you do not have to run them thru the washer. Even on just a rinse cycle, there is still soap residue that will end up on your suites and therefore will end up in the hot tub and can cause this problem.


Foamy Hot Tub Water

Foamy water usually comes along with the milky hot tub water due to body oils, hair products, makeups, and detergents from your swimming suites. It’s important to follow the instructions above to eliminate this problem from re-occuring. Most of the time once you have a foamy issue, you may not be able to totally get rid of the issue until you drain the spa, but there are ways to make it more manageable.

How To Solve:

Remember to never wash your bathing suites. This is the most common problem as to why foam occurs in the hot tub. Even a teaspoon of detergent that is left in your suites after running thru the washer can cause several inches of foam on the surface of the hot tub. Using a Foam Out product in very small dosages will suppress the foam for the time being, but it will normally re-occur the next time you get in until you drain the spa. Make sure to not use but a small squirt right into the foam each time, or you could cause the water to become even more cloudy by adding too much Foam Out.


Keeping your hot tub clean & clear is very important. Not only will it look wonderful to soak in but it will also have the proper sanitizer levels to insure that it is safe to be in! Follow these tips to prevent your hot tub from going “south” on you so you have more time to enjoy it!

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