Do I really need all these pool chemicals?!

Does your basement look like it could be part of a science or chemistry class with all of your pool chemicals laying around? We know it can seem overwhelming with all of these different products, some with big hazard stickers on them. Do I really need all these pool chemicals or are they just trying to sell me everything under the sun!? Don’t fret, we are here to tell you what you really need to have on hand and why!


Sanitizers are one of the single most important parts of maintaining your pool properly. A sanitizer includes Chlorine, Bromine, or a Biguanide product. This product helps to kill the bacteria in the water, so that it does not continue to form.



Usually this product comes in 1 lb bags and should be added weekly to oxidize the dead bacteria in the water so that it can be gassed off into the air and totally eliminated. Without shocking on a regular basis, you will have a buildup of dead bacteria, which will consume much more of your chlorine, can make the water hazy, allows algae to start to grow and can even cause the water to smell. This product should only be added at night, after the sun has gone down.



A clarifier is added on a weekly basis to eliminate small particles in the water from building up and creating a cloudy pool. Most clarifiers collect those smaller particles in the filter system, until they are a big enough molecule to expel them when backwashing or rinsing off your filter. Prevention is the key.

Metal Control

Everyone should use a metal control product at the beginning of the season and sometimes throughout the season (depending on how hard your water is). This will prevent the metals in your water from oxidizing when the Sanitizer and Oxidizers are added, which can change your water color to brown, red, or orange. This is a preventative product and is very crucial, especially if you are on rural or well water with high metal content.


A lot of times, algaecides don’t even need to be used at all! If you are on our chemical program, there is never a need for an algaecide if you are properly maintaining your water. Algae can only form when the other components of the program are not used correctly. Follow our easy 4 step chemical program and you won’t ever have to worry about using this product again!

Test Kit or Test Strips

Always make sure you have an accurate test kit on hand to be able to test your sanitizer and pH levels on a regular basis. Test kits should be replaced each season and are included in your chemical kit purchased from us at the beginning of the season. If you have an old kit left over from last year, it’s important to toss it out and begin using the new one. All test strip bottles have an expiration date on them, so please insure that your test strips are still effective.


pH adjusters

pH Up & pH down should always be on hand for any adjustments that may need to be made. Even after a rainstorm, the pH level may need to be adjusted and it is nice to have the products already on hand to adjust them when needed.

Phos Removers

This product is not needed for everyone, but if you have had any issues with reoccurring algae growth or cloudy water, we would recommend bringing in a water sample so we could test for phosphates in the water. Phosphates come from all kinds of sources such as rain, wind, leaf debris that has decomposed, ect. Once those items break down in the water, they can form phosphates, which is food for bacteria and algae to feed on. If we kill the food source for the algae, it will not be able to regrow.


As you can see, there are several products that are needed to keep your pool properly maintained, but in no way should it be overwhelming. We definitely don’t want you to purchase everything under the sun, especially if you don’t need it. It’s important to know how all of these items work together and that even if there is one piece of the puzzle that is missing, it can cause some serious issues with your swimming pool water.

Every Spring, Aqua Palace has Full Seasonal Chemical Kits available for purchase. You will get all of the main items such as sanitizers, oxidizers, metal removers, test kit and clarifiers all in this kit, at a HUGE discounted price. There is a step by step instruction guide on how to use the products and when to add them. We make it very simple. Remember to stop by in the Spring and pick yours up!


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