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Omaha Swimming Pool BuildersJust as with any other major purchase, it’s important to do some research before buying a pool. At Aqua Palace Spas & Pools, we go the extra step when helping a customer choose the correct pool for their backyard. We’re not the only pool company in the Omaha Metro area, but we are the only CPB (Certified Pool Builder) licensed in the entire state of Nebraska! As you perform your research and gather information from competing pool companies, you’ll need to take some time to digest all of it – so you can make an informed decision.

Evaluating In-Ground Swimming Pools

With in-ground swimming pools, you’re looking at either fiberglass, vinyl liners or shot-crete. Pools constructed with vinyl liners are traditionally the most popular pool built by other dealers in the Midwest Area, including the Omaha metro area. Over the years, they’ve been known for their rectangle shapes, but today’s models come in an extensive array of sizes, shapes and liner designs. Vinyl liner pools are generally less expensive (initially) than fiberglass or shot-crete. Ground movement is a major consideration however, so ask about the walls and frames needed to inhibit ground movement. Without these, you could damage your pool with either a collapse or punctures in the side walls.

Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools come in a variety of different sizes and are hand built in a factory and then shipped to your home where it’s installed! The area must be dug precisely in your backyard prior to the shell arriving and is then set into place.  Including pouring the deck and connecting the electricity and plumbing, fiberglass pools are a very fast install (happening in less than 3 weeks on most occasions)! Although they’re more expensive than vinyl lined pools, they will save you money over their lifespan on maintenance, chemicals and energy costs. Our fiberglass pools have a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of colors and murals and tile can be added to create your own custom design!

Fiberglass pools typically have a 50 + year life expectancy versus only 5 to 6 years for vinyl lined pools. The one piece construction of a fiberglass swimming pool is very robust and well insulated, resulting in less water heating and chemical use.


Shot-crete pools are a great solution if your looking for a unique and creative design, shape and or water depth! Shot-crete is an industry term for concrete that is shot via a pressurized hose, thus giving you total design control. If you want an extraordinary pool that matches your dreams and standards, shot-crete allows for flexibility in shape, slope and size AND the forte and durability of concrete means your pool will last for decades. Imagine matching your pool to your unique personality and lifestyle, complementing other elements of your patio, home and backyard. The downside to shot-crete is that it’s the most expensive of the three to install and its wall surface needs to be acid washed periodically to maintain its color and will need to be resurfaced/repainted with time.

Each of these three types of pool construction possess specific advantages depending on what you want with your swimming pool.

Some important factors to consider

To help you with your research, Aqua Palace Spas and Pools recommends researching on these key factors.

  • Pool Quality – Ensure that quality materials are utilized in the manufacture of the pool you’re evaluating.
  • Pool Finish – both in terms of color and finish. You don’t want your pool to fade or be damaged by ultraviolet rays or chemicals.
  • Previous Customer Satisfaction – Ask to see references and to speak directly to customers (at least one within the last few years as well as one 5 + years prior to get a gauge for the condition of their pool (and to hear about any issues that they may have encountered in that amount of time) and to see if they are satisfied with their decision of pool choice and builder.
  • Warranty – make sure comprehensive warranties are available Pumps, filters, parts and accessories – make sure your pump matches the size of your pool.
  • Choose a Certified Pro – check for an APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) certification. Aqua Palace is an Approved APSP Member and is 1 of only 2 Certified Pool Builders (CPB) in the State of Iowa & the only CPB in the entire state of  Nebraska!!

Don’t Be Fooled: Imitators Are Everywhere

Professional pool builders will not set up appointments to speak with you at your house location. The pool builders that do come out onsite for the first inital appointment usually do so because they do not have a store front location. Ask yourself: If this builder does not have a store location and is instead working out of the back of his pickup, am I going to be receiving the best product/service/professionalism that I am looking for?

Aqua Palace provides the first initial appointment of up to 2 hrs free of charge at our large indoor & outdoor showroom. We always have a minimum of 3 inground pool shells instock and on location for you to take a look at in person (instead of just in pictures). Prior to your appointment we will have received pictures of your backyard so that we can see the area that we have to work with and will be able to lay out a design plan during your initial appointment! You will have all the information you need to know & will have all of your questions answered with a firm bid before leaving!

We know this decision is a big one for you and your family and we want you to make an educated decision. That is why we offer all 3 styles of inground pools and will not force you towards one style – we will listen to your needs & show you the best option for your backyard & budget!

Imitators are everywhere – don’t sign a contract with a “drive up” pool company until you have seen what Aqua Palace can do for you!

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