Get Your Swimming Pool Ready – Summer is around the corner!

20141023_161733When it comes to opening your pool, the process will go much easier if your pool is closed down properly. When spring arrives and Memorial Day shows up on the calendar, people start to think about opening up their pool for the swimming season ahead. Do you have a set time every year you open your pool? Follow our easy steps and opening your pool will be a breeze.



First off, remove your pool cover properly. If there is a lot of water on the cover surface, you can use a regular utility submersible pump, siphon the water off, or we have cover pumps available for purchase, which are specifically designed for this and will automatically shut off. Use extra caution when pulling off the cover so that you don’t let any of the leaf debris fall into the pool.  Once you get the cover completely removed off of the pool, pull it onto the driveway or a wide open spot in the yard so that it can be cleaned before you put it away. It is recommended that you use a pressure nozzle on the garden hose so that you can easily remove some of the more stubborn and stuck on leaves and debris. Once the cover is clean, let the cover air dry while continuing the other opening steps before you put the cover away.


Reattach All Hoses


Hook up your hoses and remove any plugs that were installed at closing time. Put your skimmer basket back into the proper place if you removed it during the winter time. If you have to add water to the pool, now would be a good time to put the garden hose in the pool to start filling it back up to the operational water level. On a metal wall pool with a vinyl liner, normal water level is roughly halfway up the weir door. Insure that you water level is where it should be before proceeding to the next step.


Add water & turn on filter


Once you are sure that your water level us up, your hoses are connected properly, and your filter is turned onto the “filter” position, plug your filter in and turn it on. Once your filter is turned on, the only times it should be turned off is to backwash, rinse the sand, or to winterize at the end of the swimming season. The motors are energy efficient and are made to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once your pool is up and running smoothly, you can vacuum the pool if it is needed.


Test & Add Chemicals


Test your chemical levels next. We recommend that you only add one 32oz bottle of metal and stain protectant at the beginning and wait for 24hrs. before adding any other chemicals. Once the initial 24hrs. has passed, you can start putting your chlorine tablets into the skimmer basket. It is important to start the season off right when checking your chemical levels. Make sure your pH is in the proper range of 7.4 – 7.6. Low pH can cause a variety of issues that can be costly to fix.



When you follow these simple steps, opening your pool will be a breeze. Your pool can be enjoyable instead of being a hassle. Each and every year you should open up to a crystal clear pool! If not, please stop in or give us a call and we can help assist you to make sure that you will never open to a green pool again!


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