Hot Tub: Why finding a “great deal” online doesn’t mean the best value

Difference between purchasing a hot tub from a local dealer vs Costco online

If you are looking to purchase a hot tub, maybe for the very first time, allow us to show you the differences and benefits of purchasing from a local hot tub dealer vs Costco (or any other online source). Hot Tubbing is suppose to be a fantastic experience, if it is done properly with a high quality hot tub manufacture that creates a fantastic product meant to last for many, many years. Here are just a few things to consider:


More than just curbside delivery

A local hot tub dealer is going to be able to provide more than just curbside delivery, unlike Costco. All a local dealer is going to ask for is that you have enough hands on site to safely move the hot tub to your desired location and that the pathway is clear prior to their arrival. You will not receive any additional assistance from a delivery truck driver, who’s only responsibility and liability resides with getting it off of the truck and onto the end of your driveway. Hot Tubs can weigh 500 – 1200 lbs, so by purchasing a hot tub from a local dealer means you don’t have to move it alone. Most dealers (us included) will take the extra step beyond that and will fill the spa, give you a tutorial and make sure it is running and heating properly before they leave. You can’t get this type of service from any store online!


Local Service Before, During & After The Sale

With an online retailer, you are unable to see the hot tub in person. You are not able to look over it thoroughly, sit in it to make sure it’s going to fit your needs or speak with someone in person regarding the features, warranty or any other questions you may have. This would be like purchasing a car before you looked at it in person or test drove it! A local dealer is here to answer questions before the sale, help you find the perfect model for you and your needs, is a direct point of contact to speak with during the delivery scheduling process and they are always there after the sale. You will not have to wait on a 1-800 number for hours to speak with someone about how to operate or maintain your spa. You also will receive direct, local service from a local dealer, something you will never receive from an online entity. Have you tried returning a hot tub purchased online before? Not so easy if it is even an option at all. Make the right decision the first time and save the headaches!


Quality Products

To put it simply: A local hot tub dealer is going to provide you with a far more superior product than you will find online because they have to service it. Online retailers are not concerned with the quality of product that they produce, nor whether it is going to provide you the most hydro therapy possible. A local dealer is going to be invested in the hot tub manufacture that they offer as well as being invested in you, the customer, to ensure you are happy with your purchase for many years to come.


Less Cost doesn’t mean better value

Going right along with Quality, please keep in mind that these hot tubs you can find online for less are NOT the same products or quality that you can find through most local hot tub dealers. There is a SIGNIFICANT difference in the two items, which is where the cost discrepancy is. Besides the initial investment, you must look and prepare for the future and the longevity of the product that you are purchasing. If you can save $1000 or even $2000 by purchasing a “similar” size spa online vs a local hot tub dealer, is it going to be a wise investment if that online spa only lasts max of 5 years? A better investment would be if you could purchase a spa from a local dealer for $1000-$2000 more, BUT have it last 30 + years. The longevity of the spa is just one aspect that you can receive by purchasing locally. Spending a little more upfront and receiving a higher quality brand of hot tub can actually save you a lot of money in the long run! The therapeutic, water management, overall maintenance benefits of the hot tub are huge factors to consider as well.


Warranty Issues

With a local hot tub dealer, they are the authorized dealer and service center for that brand of product. They have access to ALL of the components that you may need in the future. Purchasing a spa online will provide (ZERO) local parts or service. Be extremely cautious and do further research if they do mention that they have a local service center as it is probably not what you think it is. What good is a warranty if you do not have a service center that can perform the necessary warranty work and has parts instock to do so for your specific unit? The truth of the matter is, these online companies regularly discontinue models and parts for them, even within a short year or two after purchasing the item – sometimes before your warranty is even up. ALL hot tub manufactures have their own series of parts and equipment. You can not walk into any local hot tub dealer and assume they will have any parts you need. A local brick & mortar store is only going to service the brand of products they sell, therefore you may be out of luck.


Supporting a family/community

By purchasing a hot tub from a local hot tub dealer, you are spending money locally which not only supports those families operating the store, but also your local community. Local dealers are honest and trustworthy and are there to serve you, their customer. They incur a lot of expense monthly and yearly to have a Brick & Mortar store for you to easily access when you need something. It is important for our economy that everyone always tries to purchase as many items locally as possible FIRST, before going to the internet. In time, many brick & mortar stores may not be around to assist in trying to service you, if you don’t patronize them. Operating a business storefront will always have far more overhead costs than online, but your local store can still provide you with quality products at a fair price, sometimes less than what you can purchase them online. Don’t assume your “best bang for your buck” is always online because it isn’t!
Our hope is that you would always give us a chance to show you the products that we have to offer and let us show you the Aqua Palace difference. We strive to find the best products on the market that will be there for a long time, with the easiest maintenance available and provide the best support and service in the industry. We hope you see the value in shopping locally when it comes to purchasing your first, or your next, hot tub!


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