Is Your Pool A Swamp This Spring? Here’s How to Fix It!

It’s that time of year again, the time of year the kids have been counting down the days to and that is OPENING the POOL! Although it may be fun for the kids, it can be a terrifying time of year for the parents, if you aren’t sure what’s lurking under there! If you have opened the cover to find a green disaster, here are some quick tips to help get the pool back in tip top shape quickly!

How did my pool become green?

Algae can form in the pool over the winter time, if the pool was not properly winterized with the correct chemicals. If the sanitizer level (such as chlorine, bromine, or Baquacil) were not in the proper ranges prior to shutting down the pool and putting the cover over it, that’s probably your main culprit. Some people believe that they have to open to a green pool in the spring, that there is just no other possible way it could be clear. It does not have to be like that anymore as long as you properly balance your chemicals, including your sanitizer, ph, and alkalinity levels before placing the cover on your pool for the winter! We make it simple and fun to own a pool!

If there is debris left in the pool, even just a few leaves, it can make for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and algae
to grow. Always make sure that you do a very thorough clean of the pool just before putting the cover on, to eliminate any chance of debris lingering in there over the winter.

Adding the correct winterization chemicals is a big key part in the equation as well. If you did not add a winter kit, which includes a metal control to protect against rust, calcium and iron over the winter while the water is sitting over the winter, a non-chlorine shock that will not stain the liner, and a winter algaecide, this could be another reason that the pool is green. Taking preventative measures when closing down the pool will prevent ever having to turn your pool from a swamp to a tropical paradise again.

How do I fix my green pool?

We’ve got you covered and can help make clean up a snap. We offer a Swamp Kit that includes 8 bags of shock and one of the strongest algaecides available. Adding these items and following the steps below will help get you back on track in no time!

  • Clean the bottom of the pool, even if you can’t see it clearly. Make sure you vacuum it very slowly so that you don’t stir up the debris.
  • Start adjusting your chemicals, such as your pH, Alkalinity, and your Chlorine. Make sure that your chlorine or sanitizer level is higher than normal, to kill off the bacteria, until the pool has cleared.
  • Add the swamp kit at night (entire 8 bags of shock and whole bottle of algaecide for up to 12,000 gal pool). By adding it at night, it will allow the shock to work all evening, before the sun burns it off in the morning. You should always add the shock at night to get the best results.
  • Continue to vacuum the pool daily or every other day as needed until the pool clears.
  • Add 6-8 oz of GLB Clear Blue clarifier, directly down the skimmer, to help the filter pull out the smaller particles in the water that are making it cloudy. Remember to only do this after you have backwashed the filter and repeat every time. This clarifier is best to use on a regular basis as well to prevent cloudy water and to help your filter pull out the small particles before they become an issue.

To insure that you don’t have re-occuring algae throughout the hot summer months, make sure to always maintain the proper chemical balance, including your chlorine or sanitizer level, ph, and alkalinity levels. Each spring, we offer a complete seasonal pool chemical kit that will get you enough chemicals for a normal season in the Midwest, at a big discounted price! It comes with a full cheat sheet on what chemicals to add and when to add them as well! This Seasonal Pool Chemical Kit also offers an ALGAE FREE GUARANTEE on it, so as long as you follow the simple steps, you can now enjoy a perfectly clear pool all year long, spring and summer included!


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