Maintenance Tips For Your Swimming Pool This Summer

Aqua Palace - Summer Pool MaintenanceWe’re just heading into spring and everyone is thinking ahead to their busy summer swimming season. Here are some tips to help with your swimming pool’s summer maintenance.

Change your chemical routine for this summer’s swimming season

There are an abundant number of reasons your summer chemical maintenance varies from cooler times of the year. Obviously, one of those reasons is that more swimmers are enjoying your pool and doing it more often. One byproduct of more swimmers is more dirt carried into the pool! Not just dirt, but sweat, natural body oils, skin and hair care products (like hair spray) mix with your pool’s chemicals. To keep this from becoming an issue, check your pH balance, total alkalinity and free chlorine levels more often. Also keep in mind that you always want to run your filtration system 24/7. This is important in maintaining proper water circulation and will therefore lower the amount of chemicals that have to be added throughout the summer! You will also prevent the growth of bacteria and algae in your pool by maintaining proper chemical levels and having good water circulation!

Keep your chemicals in a dry, shaded storage area

You run the risk of your chemicals being damaged if you leave them in the sun. For safety sake, don’t leave them out in the reach of children who don’t know any better. These chemicals can be very harmful if not used properly and we don’t want anybody to be harmed.

Minimize dirt being carried into the pool

Dirt is a contaminant, and more swimmers means more dirt on your deck and in your pool. It’s important to clean dust, dirt and other debris off of your deck as often as necessary.

Cloudy water is BAD

If your pool’s water is cloudy, please don’t ignore it – it’s trying to tell you something is out of whack, and that’s most likely your chemical balance. The more swimmers you entertain, the more you’ll need to shock your pool. Match your chemical routine to the needs of your pool if you’re doing this manually. A lot of pool owners are turning to automatic pool controllers because they can tell which chemicals your pool requires and when to add them. They’re a great solution to simplify troublesome chemical balance issues.

Check your pools system, before the summer swimming season starts.

Right now is the perfect time to check for broken or old equipment. Pay close attention to your filter, chemical feeder, supplies, automatic cleaner and skimmer to be sure they’re back to normal for the upcoming swimming season – better now than once you’re inundated by antsy swimmers.

Safety first

If you’re concerned about pool safety, as all pool owners should be, there’s a safety cover for that. We also have custom auto covers that will close with a push of a button and will hold the weight of several people standing in the middle of the cover. This way you never have to worry about the safety of your children around your pool again AND it will stay MUCH cleaner all year long! Are leaves and other debris getting the best of you? Pick up a leaf trap at your largest local pool supply store, Aqua Palace! This canister hooks inline of your pool vacuum (either manual or automatic) and will capture the big debris, such as a lot of leaves, before going to your filter! This will prevent all of the debris from ending up in your filter so you don’t have to backwash or clean your filters as often! In fact, for all your pool needs, head over to our store now and start enjoying this summer’s pool season.

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