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Marquis Euphoria Hot Tub at Aqua Palace

Marquis Euphoria Hot Tub at Aqua Palace

Adding a Marquis Hot Tub to your house is your start on the road to rejuvenation. Whether you want to connect with family, stimulate your health or even escape the daily pressure and stress, your Marquis Hot Tub will rejuvenate your life. There is a reason that we have been an authorized Marquis Hot Tub dealer for the past 17 years and here is why!

Contoured Seating

Specialty seating such as the Adirondack chair and full lounge seat, are meticulously carved by hand to conform to the contours of the legs, hips, arms, back and neck. Marquis footwells are extra generous to accommodate several people and long legs. Plus the river rock texture provides soothing reflexology.

Tri Zone Control – One of a Kind

Tri-Zone Hydrotherapy delivers serious gratification to three levels of relief in a single seat; upper body, mid body and lower body. With Marquis Specialty jets, you get between 8 gallons per minute and 65 gallons per minute, exactly where you need it. Larger jets with more gallon per minute outputs reach your bigger muscle groups and smaller jets and gallon per minute outputs to your smaller muscle groups. Marquis has actually done a study of the human body and we can take approximately 15-17 pounds of pressure per square inch on our bodies. With that being said, the Marquis high flow, low pressure jetting system will deliver serious relief deep into your muscles and tissues without the added pressure. Most other hot tub companies use higher pressure with a high force pump. As the water flows through the plumbing, they use restrictive hoses and even smaller jet openings which creates a piercing, high pressure stream of water hitting your skin. It’s like that shower head setting that is too forceful, irritating your skin surface and not allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your hot tub.

Water Management System

Your Marquis Spa will have the cleanest water in the industry with surface to floor cleaning. The vortex skimmers skim the surface of things like body oils, body lotions, makeup, and sweat. Water is drawn from the footwell suction fittings, and then forced upward through the filters to trap debris that may settle at the bottom of the spa, such as dirt, sand and heavier stuff that sinks. The water is sanitized two different ways, with either natural ozone, or bromine through the Marquis Water Management System. The water is then softened up with a mineral cartridge to allow for less chemical consumption and easier maintenance. Truly 100% of the water in your hot tub from top to bottom is fresh and clean at the rate of 24,000 gallons a day. Constant Clean Water Management with the in-line sanitation system requires fewer chemicals than conventional water care methods. Marquis maintenance reminders tell you when to clean and replace spa filters to keep your spa water cleaner, longer!

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficient hot tub cover with a linear heat seal is one of the most important means of keeping your heat where it belongs, in the spa-and reducing energy consumption while also reducing water evaporation, thus conserving this natural resource. Marquis full, open cell icynene foam insulation drastically reduces energy consumption. This full foam insulation will not deteriorate over time. Icynene does not support the growth of bacteria, molds or mildews. It is water based, contains no harmful CFCs or HCFCs, is flame retardant, can be easily removed if needed, and is water repellent. Unlike traditional closed cell insulation, you’ll have up to 50% energy savings with this open cell icynene full foam insulation. With traditional, closed cell insulation hot tubs, you’ll have the reverse of the Marquis open cell, full foam insulation. Closed cell foam will absorb water over time, gaining weight. Eventually that water the foam absorbs will turn into a mold, mildew or bacteria. Also, when the closed cell foam gets wet, it will lose its heat retention value, making the tub work harder to keep your water temperature you’ve set it at. This will only drive your energy bills higher and higher with each year. Depending on if your Marquis Hot Tub is on 120 volt or 240 volt for electricity and also depending on the size of the tub, you will spend on a monthly average of $8-$22 on your electric bill with a Marquis Hot Tub. With the Marquis full icynene foam insulation, you’ll have the quietest, strongest, most energy efficient spa possible!

Premium Shells & Exteriors Meant To Last A Lifetime

From top to bottom, Marquis Hot Tubs have you covered! The DuraShell premium cast glass shell is extremely durable. It will withstand the elements, resist cracking, blistering and fading. Most importantly, DuraShell includes Microban, which prevents bacteria, mold or mildew from spreading. The DuraWood synthetic exterior is UV resistant. It also resists water damage, scratches and dents. The most maintenance you will need to do to the DuraWood exterior is spray it off with a garden hose! The DuraBase provides solid protection for the spa base from nicks, dents, water damage and pests.

Marquis Signature Series Warranty

You will have peace of mind with the Marquis Hot Tub owners protection plan. The fiberglass structure is warranted for ten years not to leak. Electronic equipment is warranted against any defects for the first five years. Equipment includes packs, pc boards, pumps, control panels, heaters and heater sensors. Your plumbing, fittings, DuraWood synthetic skirt exterior, and DuraBase are also warranted for five years. Smaller items like ozonator, GFCI and infrared sensors are warranted for two years. LED lights, remote controls, valves, jet inserts, inline sanitation system, and overlays are warranted for one year. The Marquis protection plan is the best in the industry because it is among the best you can buy!

Because of the Marquis durable interior and exterior surfaces, the innovative systems of Tri-Zone hydrotherapy and Constant Clean with in-line Water Management, low maintenance and low operating cost for minimal expenses, AND the owners protection plan with satisfaction guarantee, you will get nothing but the best with a Marquis Hot Tub. Marquis, the most trusted name in Spas!


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