Marquis Spas vs Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Lots of people use the term “hot tub” and “Jacuzzi” as a universal term, however they don’t always mean the same thing. Jacuzzi is a brand name – did you know Jacuzzi actually makes faucets, bath tubs, toilets, pump, water heaters and mattresses in addition to hot tubs? Marquis has strictly been in the hot tub manufacturing industry since day one. Nothing more and nothing less – all of their attention has been on creating the most therapeutic hot tub that is built to last.


USA made vs Mexico made

Marquis has been a long standing name in the industry for many years now, winning the #1 position for the Best Customer Service by Spa Retailer for the last 5 years consecutively. Marquis Spas have always been manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, in Independence, Oregon. Jacuzzi was originally made in the USA, however many years ago they transferred all of their production to Tijuana, Mexico, to save money. Marquis is an employee owned and operated company in which all of the employees are invested in the quality of products that they produce and supplying American’s a USA based business to be a part of.


Series Built from the ground up VS Series Acquired

Marquis Spas has 5 different series of spas, all built from the ground up by Marquis themselves. These 5 series include: ATV Swim Spas, Marquis Signature, Marquis E-Series, Celebrity Hot Tubs, and Vector 21. Marquis is the designer and creator of all of these series and they are all manufactured in the US. Jacuzzi has acquired several other manufactures over the years, such as Sundance, Dimension One and Thermo Spas. Jacuzzi took 3 out of the 4 brands that they newly acquired that were made in the USA and transported production to Mexico. Since all of the Jacuzzi brands are being made in the same facility in Mexico, there is not a lot of difference in the quality and design of the 4 different product lines, however every series in Marquis’ line up is vastly different and unique in its own way. One hot tub philosophy will not fit the needs of every single hot tub owner, therefore there must be distinguishing differences between the different models. Marquis has the variety to find the perfect hot tub for each individual family to fit their specific needs.


Purchasing Quality VS Purchasing a “Name”

Every day it seems there are more and more companies selling their manufacturing off to foreign markets to save money and it’s extremely hard to find many every-day-products that are actually still made in the USA. This is just one of the many reasons we have stuck side by side with Marquis Spas for nearly 18 years now…because of their integrity and the quality that they pursue on a daily basis. Marquis has advanced so much over the years and is far superior to all of the competition, not just Jacuzzi. The therapy, clean water technology, design, durability of shell and exterior, among many other things, significantly sets Marquis apart from Jacuzzi. Would you rather purchase a “name” such as a Jacuzzi – or would you rather purchase on the basis of the quality of product you are purchasing, the therapeutic value, the longevity and that you are purchasing an American made product? You decide what’s important to you – we will be here when you are ready to start your journey into hot water therapy!


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