Measuring for a new Hot Tub Cover!

Is your cover looking a little rough? Is it heavier than normal? Here’s what you need to know on recognizing a bad cover, why to avoid cheap inferior covers and how to easily give your tub the best brand new spa cover from Aqua Palace.

Signs of an aged, debilitated spa cover needing to be replaced

  • waterlogged to the point that the cover is heavier and dripping brown water back into the tub
  • cracks or tears in the covering and hinge
  • heavy mildew or mold on cover, looks discolored
  • locks that are non existing or broken

If your spa cover is cracked or torn, your inner foam insulation is exposed to moisture and compromised. Wet foam, especially if the cover is waterlogged, doesn’t insulate anymore, but transfers the heat right out of the tub!  If your hot tub cover has lost its “R” value, it’s costing you more money to heat and maintain water temperature which means it’s time to replace.

Beware of the bargain covers

There are many cheap spa covers out there; priced inexpensive because they’re thin, flimsy and really do little to keep heat in and cold air out. In addition, the cheaper priced cover is most likely flat so it does not provide built-in slopes for rain or snow runoff. These covers can collapse under a heavy snow or can blow off easily on the first windy day. Cheaper covers are also typically available in limited sizes and shapes so you could end up with a cover too small or too large to adequately do the job. Getting the perfect custom fit hot tub online is nearly impossible.

Buy in confidence of getting the best hot tub cover from Aqua Palace

Aqua Palace—the Omaha metro’s hot tub authority—can easily replace your worn hot tub cover with a proper fitting cover that’s safe and made to improve your tub’s energy efficiency. Replacement spa covers from Aqua Palace are-
– Custom made fit for any manufacture and model hot tub.
– Available in 11 different colors
– Foam is 3 ½ inches thick in middle to hold up to three foot of snow  then tapered towards edges to allow water runoff
– ASTM rated to F1346-91 standard, meeting Federal Barrier Standard for child safety *
– Complete with a 3-year warranty

Aqua Palace has made an easy form for you to complete to assure getting the right fitting cover on your tub.   Click here to Order now!


Ordering a hot tub cover from Aqua Palace –

When you are ready to order a replacement hot tub cover, we simply ask that you take several measurements for us (and double check those measurements to insure accuracy). Select your cover color and we can get it on order for you! Upon ordering the cover, we ask for 50% down and the rest will be paid when you come to pick it up at our store. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to have a custom hot tub cover created and shipped in from California for you. We always ship covers in lots of at least 3, in order to make the shipping cost the most economical for all of our customers. We usually have orders going in all the time, but at times there can be additional lead time while acquiring additional orders to ship them at once. If you are in need of a cover quicker, rush fees for a single hot tub cover are available. The cover will be folded in half in a box, so it is best to pick up the hot tub cover with a pickup or small trailer as it usually does not fit in the back of most vehicles. Installation and delivery to your location can be arranged if requested for an additional fee. Disposal of your current hot tub cover is an option if we are installing your new hot tub cover – additional disposal fees will occur.


ASTM rated hot tub cover
The American Society of Testing and Materials, or ASTM, has developed safety standards for both swimming pool and hot tub covers.   The rating ASTM F1346-91 means that the cover must meet performance standards to serve as a barrier for children under the age of five.
For more information, ask the hot tub experts at Aqua Palace or visit the ASTM website.

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