Most common hot tub issues & what might be the problem

You are just about ready to jump in for a nice soak in your hot tub and………that’s when you find out something isn’t working correctly. The waters cold, the pumps not running and there is no power to the hot tub! What’s going on? Check out these tips to see what could be the problem and how to fix it!


Hot Tub Not Heating

Cold water is not fun in a HOT tub! Check your filters first: pull them off after shutting off power, rinse the filters and set them aside for a moment. Kick on your hot tub again and see if the hot tub begins to heat up without the filters in it. If it does, that means that your filters are causing a restriction and we will simply just need to replace them! If this does not solve the problem, place your filters back in the hot tub, close the cover to keep any debris out and keep the remaining heat in and call us for service – it is more than likely an electrical component (pump, heater, sensors or computer board) that are causing the issue.


Error code is displaying on control panel

There are multiple error codes programed into each hot tub model, to indicate when there is an issue. A few of the common ones are:

SLP – Sleep mode will only allow your hot tub to heat up to a certain temperature, less than what you have it set at.

ECO – Economy mode will maintain a temperature of 20 degrees less than what you have it set at, good if you are going out of town for a few days during the summer (never recommended for winter).

STD – Standard is the common mode that you want to keep the hot tub in – this will allow the hot tub to maintain the set temperature that you like.

SN – Sensors may have failed. Service is needed.

OHH – Hot tub is overheating. Service is needed.

ICE – Temperate of water is below 40 degrees (common when initially filling the hot tub in the winter time – if the heater is not activating to kick on and this code remains, service will be needed.)

DRY – Inadequate water detected in heater. Shut off valves may have closed causing the restriction. Service may be required.

PR – hot tub pumps are priming (comes on when hot tub is initially started or after GFCI has been tripped off and restarted – completely normal).

Please call for service if you are unable to determine the issue for any of these codes!


Jets wont kick on

There may be a restriction in the filter area  – remove filters and see if problem is resolved. If so, clean and or replace hot tub filters to eliminate issue. If debris has gotten past the hot tub filter, or if the pump kicked on without the filters in it and debris got sucked down into the filter canister area, this can also cause a restriction. The debris may have gotten lodged in the impeller of the motor – pull apart motor and see if you can find any obstructions. One or both of the pumps could have gone out if the pumps still do not kick on.


Pump Is Loud

If you are noticing a different sound to your motor, like a buzzing, clunking, or squeal you will need to have the motor checked out. If the pump seal has leaked, it can shoot water back inside the motor and can take out the barring’s of the motor, which will cause these noises. We can perform a service call on your Marquis hot tub or you can take off your hot tub motor and bring it in to Aqua Palace, and we can repair the seal, replace the impeller or wetend, test the entire motor and get you fixed back up in no time! We stock a lot of different hot tub motors along with many wet ends!


GFCI is Tripping

A GFCI is wired to the hot tub as a safety feature so if there ever is an issue with any of the electrical components (pumps, heaters, and boards) it would trigger the GFCI to trip off. This prevents the defective item from trying to run when there is an issue. Any of the components under the “hood” could be causing the GFCI to trip – service is probably needed to check out all the hot tub equipment to find the issue. The breaker itself could even be the issue and may need to be replaced by a licensed electrician.

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