Plunging For Charity in Your Backyard Swimming Pool


Top 5 Tips to Polar Plunging In Your Own Backyard Pool


“Plunging” has become an extremely popular topic recently and we have received quite a few calls regarding the safety of being able to do the plunge in your own backyard pool. Here are the top 5 tips to insure your safety when doing the plunge in your own backyard swimming pool.


Tip 1: No green light if your pool water is green

It is very important that you do not go jumping into your pool if the water is green. This indicates it is full of bacteria and besides being gross, can actually be harmful. If you take the steps to correct the issue (which will normally require getting the filter system up and going, along with some chemicals) once the water is clear, you can safely proceed.


Tip 2: Once the cover is off, it’s open for business

Once you have removed your winter cover on your swimming pool, you will need to plan on getting the filter system going within 48 hrs. Leaving the pool uncovered and uncirculated will cause more bacteria to grow – leading to a bigger mess to clean up.


Tip 3: NEVER dive into an aboveground pool

It’s very important to remember that you should NEVER dive into a pool that is less than 72” of actual water depth. Most aboveground pools have a wall height of 46-54 inches but the actual water depth for most aboveground pools are 42-50 inches. If you have an inground pool that is deeper than 6 ft and is clearly marked with a diving area, you may do so carefully.

Tip 4: Have fun, but know your limitations

It’s alright to have fun when plunging, but stay serious when it comes to safety. Along with never diving in too shallow of a pool, it’s also important that you are not being careless. Refrain from drinking or horseplaying around the pool and when jumping in the water. Serious injuries including spinal cord paralysis, neck injuries, and broken limbs can and have occurred while trying to entertain an audience of friends.


Tip 5: Always have a couple swimming buddies

The water temperatures in your pool during early spring will be very cold (part of the fun, I know!). It’s important to remember that water temps that are lower than 60 degrees can easily cause hypothermia as well as tingling and numb sensations in all of your extremities. The cold water can be a shock to your system. If you have medical issues, we would highly recommend refraining from this activity or to seek further medical advice. Having other friends or family members around when doing the plunge is always recommended for safety. They will be able to further assist if the need ever arose. Never plunge alone!


*Aqua Palace does not endorse nor recommends plunging for safety and health reasons, but know that it has become a trending fad across the nation and would like to properly educate you if you plan on doing so*


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