Private Get-a-way in your own backyard (Hot Tub)!

aquapalace-hot-tub-spa-marquis-e-seriesHere’s a scenario that I’m sure you are all too familiar with: You were running late getting out of the office, had to run across town to pick up the kids from daycare, only to find out that they have been in time-out not once but TWICE in the last hour. You get home, the older kids don’t want to do their school work, everyone is begging for dinner, and the younger kids are fighting and screaming, while your husband is doing some needed home repairs. You just want a time-out for yourself, just to sit down, take off your shoes, and get away. But there’s laundry, dinner, and dishes that need done. Sound familiar? We thought so….

Get Away From All of Life’s Distractions. Here’s How!

Make Time For YOU!

Once dinner has been done, the laundry has been started, and the kids are in bed, it’s time for YOU time! The last thing you want to do is even listen to the radio, check your emails, or catch up on your DVR shows that have been building up. A hot tub is the perfect answer for the evening! It’s a place where you can get away, with no distractions and enjoy your evening while relaxing away the stresses of the day. There are so many benefits to hot tubs, but just getting in and soaking your muscles and getting rid of your headaches is a great start!

Star Gaze!

One of the best things to do while sitting in your hot tub is to gaze at the stars while breathing in the cool night air. There are no phones to answer, no TV to watch, no kids screaming just peace and quiet, you and nature… and hot water! For at least a few minutes you can forget about the mounds of laundry that still need done and forget about cleaning up the mess that the kids made as they were kicking and screaming their way to bed. Life.Is.Peaceful.

Enhance Your Senses!

Adding some aromatherapy fragrance to your hot tub will engage your senses and keep things fresh! There are many fragrances to choose from which are safe and don’t have any negative effects on your water chemistry! With over 35 fragrances to choose from, we are certain you can find at least one (but probably several!) that will help you relax during your evening soaks. Fragrances range from: Eucalyptus Mint, Tropical Island, Vanilla, Apple, Watermelon, Hawaiian Sunset, Lemon Drop, Cucumber Melon, Lavender, and tons in between! At Aqua Palace, we are Omaha Metro’s largest hot tub dealer and we stock the most hot tub filters, chemicals, filters and accessories as well!

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