Protecting Your Hot Tub Cover From Wind


If you live in a high wind area, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep your hot tub cover from blowing open (or off for that matter)! Your hot tub cover is a crucial part of your hot tub: it protects the shell and surface from getting damaged, it prevents added dirt & inorganics from blowing in that your filter would have to try and pull back out, and most importantly of all it the protective barrier that keeps your hot tub sizzling at your perfect temperature! If the cover happens to blow open, even partially, your heat retention is extremely low and especially in the dead of winter can cause rapid heat loss (even upwards of 4-5 degrees an hour). Here’s what to do:

  • Check to insure that all of your straps are still secured tightly to your cover and that they have not torn or ripped completely off (these are sewn in at the factory).
  • Check to insure that all of your buckles are not broken and still connect together properly. These can be replaced if they do break or are missing.
  • Add additional secure straps across your cover in 2 locations for added security. This will add an additional 4 buckle points that will need to be undone prior to each use, but will then give you a total of 8 locking points instead of just 4 for added wind security! These straps are adjustable and will fit most common hot tubs on the market, including our Marquis hot tubs.

Protect your investment and your health by adding extra security to your hot tub cover!

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