Some Tips to Know Before You Buy a Swimming Pool

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Aqua Palace - Buying A PoolIf it’s time to take the plunge, and we’re talking backyard swimming pools, you’re probably looking for some tips on how to get started. Are you adept at working within a budget? Exactly how would you find the right pool builder in Omaha? Is FUN at the top of your list? Keep these tips in mind before you buy a swimming pool.

Write down what you want in a pool and accessories!

You may think you know what you want, but as you begin to gather information on current pool technologies, you’ll be able to better convey to your pool builder what you want in terms of styles, designs and materials. This will make the process run smoother for everyone involved.

Create a visual book that you can share with your pool builder!

Bring your ideas to life by creating a visual book taken from pictures in magazines, online swimming pool galleries or from photos captured on your latest vacation. This will put you and your builder on the same page, or at least give them some sense of your style preferences.

Do some research on the three types of in-ground pools!

When you shop for that new car, you don’t simply pick the first one you see on the lot, do you? Swimming pools are an investment and should be treated no different than an investment in a home or car. Some are made of shot-crete and others fiberglass. The third and most popular in the Midwest is vinyl lined. And that’s just the start – you’ll need to evaluate filtering and cleaning systems. A little upfront research will help once you select your swimming pool builder.

Decide the type of pool you want!

Pool design is critically important, both in aesthetics and in what you can actually do in your pool. Is your goal to do laps, play games or simply to blend in with your landscape? There are a wide variety of pool designs out there. This is the time for you to get creative and make the best design for your swimming pool needs.

Factor in the weather in your region!

Weather plays a big role in the type of swimming pool you should consider. With cooler temperatures, you might consider an enclosure – to prolong the pool season. And if you want more control over the water temp, you could look at pool heaters along with an automatic pool cover to help retain the heat. Consulting with a professional will help you become more knowledgeable about what to look for for your region’s climate.

Know why you want a pool!

Knowing why you are looking for a pool will come in handy while picking out features that your swimming pool will have. Are you looking at a new pool as an investment, or possibly for entertaining? Is it for your whole family or simply a retreat for you and your spouse? If you have children, you might think about including a slide and wading area. For eye appeal, you might think about a built-in weather feature. These are just a few features that can be added to your pool and knowing why or how your are going to use the swimming pool will dictate what features you add.

Be Sure to Set a budget!

Setting up a budget is key to you and your pool builder. This will let them know how much you are looking to spend and what upgrades you are willing to pay for. If you already have some idea how much money you’re willing to invest in a pool, that’s great! Doing research and crunching numbers will help keep everyone on the same page. Of course it is possible that after talking to your pool builder, you may have to re-evaluate and make adjustments, but at least you’ll have a point of reference.

Even though it’s actually quite affordable to own a pool, you will need to factor in how much water it will take to keep your pool full, what your maintenance costs will be each year and what types of accessories you’ll have to purchase down the road.

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